Muslim Woman Faces Online Hate After Entering Race to Become AZ Senator

A Muslim-American woman who plans to run for senator from Arizona next year announced her candidacy… and was quickly met with bigoted comments from haters who couldn’t separate her religion from her progressive values.


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Ark Encounter’s Latest Attempt to Avoid Paying City’s “Safety Fee”? Rejected.

The city of Williamstown (KY) just rejected Ark Encounter’s latest attempt to get out of paying the full “safety fee” the town needs to protect citizens and tourists.

It may be a sign that they’re finally ready to fight back against Ken Ham.


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China’s Government Bans Religion, Says Members Must Be “Firm Marxist Atheists”

What China is doing isn’t just unethical, it’s irrational. It’s dogma in the guise of atheism. And that should never be defended.


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Gallup Finds Huge Drop in People Who Belong to a Specific Christian Denomination

More Americans can do without that formal denominational structure — and many can do without a religious framework altogether.


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Right-Winger: Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Stink Because Liberal Men Are “All Gay”

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root knows why Megyn Kelly is struggling at NBC. Her male viewers are “all gay.” They’re also “too busy worrying about the poor.”

(Really. He said that.)


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