Self-Proclaimed Christian Truth-Teller Jerry Newcombe Tells a Bald-Faced Lie About An Opponent

Maybe it’s difficult for Jerry Newcombe (below), a Townhall columnist and producer of Christian TV fare, to come up with things to preach about. If he can’t find a suitable topic to tackle, he may decide to look for the tiniest thread of truth and spin it into a colossal straw man. At least, that’s what he did here.


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After Atheist Delivers Invocation in Waterloo, Iowa, Mayor Signs “Day of Reason” Proclamation

Justin Scott, the Iowan who did a fantastic job earlier this year of getting presidential candidates on the record about their views on atheists and church/state separation, gave the first-ever atheist invocation in the city of Waterloo last night.

You can watch it at the 18:58 mark below:


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Gay Imam Nur Warsame Steps Out of the Closet

Conservative Islam is even more intolerant of homosexuality than conservative Christianity. LGBT Muslims tend to stay in the closet, lest they are assaulted, imprisoned, or killed.

Australian imam Nur Warsame, who hails from Somalia, is no longer a closet dweller.


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Jimmy Kimmel: Sarah Palin’s Denial of Climate Change is “Offensive and Dangerous”

As we wrote about on the site last month, Sarah Palin was part of a panel recently discussing the anti-science “documentary” Climate Hustle after the film’s premiere. (Bill Nye was also rumored to be on the panel, but he quickly denied any participation.) Palin later said, dismissively, “Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am.”

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel took the former Republican vice presidential candidate to task for her irresponsible, anti-science buffoonery:


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In the Midst of the Battle Over Bathrooms, Is Target Tanking?

The Boycott Target Pledge now has more than 1.1 million signers. That must mean business is getting pretty terrible at Target, right? The prominent conservative site RedState does allege just that, claiming that Target stock is “in the toilet” (geddit?) and that the retailer is getting its comeuppance for its “stupid, thoughtless corporate overtures to liberal outrage.”


But do the facts back that up?

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