Did Jesus Die On a Cross… Or On a Pole?

You learn something new every day.

For centuries scholars have known that the Greek New Testament word “stauros,” which is translated into English as cross, can refer to a device of several shapes, commonly a single upright pole, “torture stake” or even tree.

The Romans did not have a standard way of crucifying prisoners, and Josephus tells us that during the siege of Jerusalem, soldiers nailed or tied their victims in a variety of positions.

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A Most Unsettling Trend: Christians Rejoicing in ISIS

Charisma News is praising a video in which families of murdered Egyptian Christian Copts thank ISIS for making martyrs of their loved ones. In it, a smiling man named Beshir who just lost two brothers to ISIS chats with an audience and callers:

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What ISIS Teaches Us About the Value of Arts and Humanities

The U.S., on the whole, embraces economic progress and relentless production to such an extent that art and humanities are seen as “nice to have,” rather than necessities.

Sarah Skwire, in a short, smart piece for (of all things) the Foundation for Economic Education, presents ISIS’ heartbreaking destruction of Assyrian museum pieces as a solid argument in favor of the two embattled academic disciplines.

There is a long history of fundamentalist Islamic groups destroying cultural treasures. The Buddhas of Bamiyan. The “end of the world” gate in the ancient city of Timbuktu. Over 95 percent of ancient Mecca. Countless thousands of ancient manuscripts. [Links added by TF.] Groups from ISIS to the Taliban to Wahabist Saudi clerics have made it clear: everything must be obliterated.

They claim, of course, that these things must be destroyed because they are idolatrous in themselves or might inspire idolatrous thinking in others. But I think it is far more likely that ISIS wants them destroyed because these objects prove the falseness of their version of history.

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A Somewhat-Scientific Explanation of What Color That Dress Is

Using magical software, Mr. Flare explains what color that dress is.

Black/Blue? White/Gold? Or none of the above…?

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Coach-Led Prayer on High School Baseball Team Comes to an End After Atheists Take Action

They have a weird way of ending baseball practices at Leesburg High School in Florida:

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