A Former Preacher Who Killed His Wife and His Lover’s Husband Feels Beset By Demons and God

A dentist and former lay preacher in Northern Ireland who killed his wife and his lover’s husband, and made it look like a double suicide, has been back in the news following the recent TV series The Secret that is based on the case.

“Colin Howell killed his wife Lesley (née Clarke) and the husband of his lover, Trevor Buchanan…, in what appeared to be a suicide pact between two lovers. The bodies were found in a fume-filled car in Castlerock on May 19, 1991.

Howell, a native of Portadown and a dentist by occupation, was a deeply religious father of ten and a former lay preacher.

His criminal career wasn’t over yet. Between 1998 and 2008, Howell sedated at least five women in the dentist’s chair of his surgery, sexually abusing them after they slipped into unconsciousness.


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Christian Wedding Venue Owner in IL Turned Away Couple That Wanted a Non-Religious Ceremony

Well, this is a new one, even by Christian bigot standards.

Dave Anderson, the owner of the Stillman Inn, a wedding venue in Galena, Illinois, told a couple they couldn’t get married there because they were of mixed faiths and wanted a non-religious wedding ceremony. He did this long after they’d paid a deposit, which he cashed, and the wedding was mere months away.


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After Muslim Controversy, Swiss Canton Will Fine Parents Whose Kids Don’t Shake Hands With Teachers

Last month, I posted about a tradition in Switzerland in which students shake hands with their teachers before and after class — it’s a sign of respect, not to mention a way to calm everyone down before the lessons start. But a school in the Basel-Country canton was at the center of controversy after two Muslim students said they didn’t want to participate in the ritual because their religion forbade them from touching women outside of their families.


Now, they’re turning the dial to 11, issuing a ruling that will fine parents if their kids don’t shake their teachers’ hands.

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Christian Preacher Heads to Multiple Target Stores to Continue Her “Pervert Revolution”

In her latest Target tirades, screampreacher Angela Cummings invaded stores in Enfield, Connecticut and Holyoke, Massachusetts.

The first rant lasted under two minutes as she was escorted out just moments after stepping inside:


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“Urban Christian”: I Love Trans People; That’s Why I Don’t Want Them to Pee in the Right Bathroom

Given that Christianity Today is a publication that believes committed gay and lesbian couples are “destructive to society,” it’s not surprising that someone writing for them would treat transgender people with the same disdain.

But what bothers me most about Justin Giboney‘s essay is how he claims to love his “transgender brothers and sisters”… while spending the rest of his time arguing that they’re unworthy of basic civil rights.


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