After Losing Battle Against Noah’s Ark Theme Park, Kentucky Officials Pay $190,000 Legal Bill

Earlier this year, a Kentucky judge ruled that the Ark Encounter theme park was indeed eligible for an $18 million tax incentive from the state, despite being a religious ministry. And now the state has paid the bill for challenging that idea in court.


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Orthodox Jewish Group Posts Disturbing Image on Facebook Saying “Silence Equals Consent”

Yesterday, the Facebook page for ultra-orthodox Jewish website posted this really disturbing image… see if you can figure out why so many readers were upset with it.


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The Australian Sex Party Has the Greatest Campaign Video Ever

I don’t know much about Australian politics, but I feel very confident in saying you should totally vote for the Australian Sex Party in next week’s elections. Because if this (perfectly SFW) campaign video gives you any indication as to how they would govern, we’d all be better off with them in charge.


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Lawrence Krauss and Ray Comfort Discuss Bananas (and More) in This Short Film

In one of the more interesting conversations to come out of the Reason Rally, physicist Lawrence Krauss and evangelist Ray Comfort agreed to meet in a hotel room for a discussion in front of filmmaker Scott Burdick. Their chat is now online.

And yes, they talk about bananas.


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What’s Stopping Donald Trump from Becoming a Self-Proclaimed Christian Leader At This Point?

Randall Stephens mocked up a book cover for Donald Trump‘s inevitable “Very Classy Book of Christianly Devotions”:


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