Saudi Arabian Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Man Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

Ahmad Al Shamri, a Saudi Arabian man who allegedly “renounced Islam and the Prophet Mohammed” on social media and was sentenced to death for apostasy had his appeal dismissed by the nation’s Supreme Court. That effectively means he’ll die for the “crime” of challenging Islam in the Muslim theocracy.

This tweet, translated by @Faris_dream, is one example of someone applauding the man's death sentence.

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Bill Nye’s Patronizing, Preachy Netflix Show Limps From Awkwardness to Embarrassment

Have you watched Bill Nye Saves the World? If you’re like me, you want those hours back.


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A Christian “University” Has Instituted an Absurd, Extreme New Policy to Keep Students “Pure”

A proposed policy change at Cedarville University, a Christian school in Ohio, is so absurd, you have to wonder how any of their students function in the real world after graduation.

These must be the new school uniforms at Cedarville University.

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Army Secretary Nominee Mark Green: I’m Not a Bigot Just Because I Routinely Say Bigoted Things

Mark Green told a Tea Party gathering that he agreed with psychiatrists that “transgender is a disease.” (Psychiatrists don’t say that at all.)

And now he’s mad that people keep quoting him verbatim.


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NH State Rep. Robert Fisher, a Republican Atheist, Created Reddit’s Anti-Feminist “Red Pill” Forum

New Hampshire Republican State Rep. Robert Fisher is an atheist.

That would be big news… if not for the other revelation that he’s also the creator of “The Red Pill,” the famously misogynistic subreddit.


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