After 64 Years, A Giant Christian Cross Has Finally Been Removed From a Santa Clara (CA) Park

A 14-foot-tall Christian cross in a Santa Clara (California) public park is no longer there thanks to atheists who fought the illegal promotion of Christianity.


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Donald Trump Is Now Surrounded By a “Shield of Prayer.” (Good Luck Figuring Out If It Works)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump is now surrounded by a “Shield of Prayer” after right-wing Christians spent Thursday and Friday erecting a wall around the President-elect… in their minds.


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Who Knew Jesus Was Just a Click Away?

Christians were right: Jesus came back! And to think we almost missed Him…


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Sometimes, Sacred Cows Need To Be Tipped

YouTuber Alex J. O’Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) does an excellent job talking about why no idea is sacred.


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An Atheist Tried Finding Love on Various Religious Dating Websites… At Least It Was Entertaining

Hana Nobel, writing for The Bold Italic, attempted to meet the man of her dreams by trying various religious dating sites — everything from Christian Mingle to Atheist Passions (which is apparently a thing).


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