Five Islamic Militants Charged with 2015 Killing of Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger

It took more than a year, but Bangladeshi officials have charged five men with the stabbing death of an atheist blogger. It’s another sign that the nation is finally taking this issue seriously.

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Pokémon No — Finally, a Reason to Move to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has always sounded like a dank theocratic hellhole to me, but I have to give props to the country’s highest Allah interpreters for attempting to outlaw the preternaturally annoying smartphone game Pokémon Go (hereafter to be referred to as PFG).


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On Mr. Robot, Elliot Delivers Monologue About How Religions Are “Metastasizing Mind Worms”

I know absolutely nothing about the show Mr. Robot, but I’m told that Elliot gave a powerful speech about God during last night’s episode. If you want context, look in the comments, where I’m sure helpful people will provide it. In the meantime, this was fun to watch even on its own.


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Focus on the Family Warns Parents That Pokémon Go Includes “Evolution” of Creatures

A new guide to Pokémon Go from Christian group Focus on the Family includes a completely unnecessary warning about how the creatures can “evolve” during the game.

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Ted Cruz, in Convention Speech, Talks About Protecting Religious Freedom of Atheists. Seriously.

While much of the talk from Night 3 of the Republican National Convention surrounds Sen. Ted Cruz‘s stunning non-endorsement of Donald Trump, let me go back to what he said before the crowd began booing him as if Hillary Clinton stepped onto that stage herself. Because Cruz almost sounded reasonable for a moment. (It didn’t last.)


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