OK House Passes Bill Making Good Friday a State Holiday… Because Everybody’s Christian, Right?

If HB 1444 becomes law in Oklahoma, Good Friday will become an official state holiday. Because Christians need another perk from the government.


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Christian Sex Educator Withdraws from Speaking at WA Public School After Community Backlash

Brad Henning, a Christian sex educator who has no business giving kids advice on that topic, said he would not speak to students in Washington’s Kennewick School District after several community members complained about his fact-free, stereotype-heavy presentations.


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Pat Robertson (On Thursday): God Is “Going To Give Trump Victory” With the GOP Health Care Bill

This is entertaining as hell to watch the day after House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump failed miserably in their quest to make 24 million people suffer more so that rich people could get even richer.


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Singaporean Atheist Amos Yee, Fearing Persecution Back Home, Has Been Granted Asylum in the U.S.

Singaporean YouTuber Amos Yee, the 17-year-old provocateur who has been repeatedly targeted for his supposedly “blasphemous” videos and has been held in a U.S. detention facility since December, has finally been granted asylum as a political refugee.


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I’ll Be Speaking at The Ohio State University Next Week

For anyone near Columbus, I’ll be giving a talk next week about the changing demographics of atheism and what that means for our future at (The) Ohio State University.


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