Here’s How Common It Is for a High School Football Coach to Lead the Team in Prayer Before a Game

The Houston Chronicle published a slideshow the other day of Fort Bend Kempner High School’s football team (in Sugar Land, Texas) getting ready for their first game of the season. This is Texas high school football. It’s a big deal.

While most of the pictures are what you’d expect — warm-ups, a huddle, the band — there was one picture featuring the players coming together in prayer… with head coach Darrin Andrus leading the way.

(I can’t repost the image on this site, but you can see it here.)

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Praise the Lorrd

Also missing? A proofreader.

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Did a New Official UK Report Really Say That Police Should Consult Psychics?

It would certainly seem so, judging by newspaper coverage of the UK College of Policing draft report proposing new standards for police.

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A Christian Pastor’s Advice for Women

Gospel Baptist Church (Florida) Pastor Bill Lytell tells the women-folk in the congregation about their job description:

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A Missouri Sheriff Put “In God We Trust” on All Department Cars, Upsetting One Reader in Particular

A lot of Sheriff’s Departments have been putting the phrase “In God We Trust” on their cars. Because they can hide behind the “It’s just our national motto” excuse, they’re thrilled to preach Christianity in a way that’s immune from legal action. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, however, has sent letters to various departments asking them to reverse course.

One particular department, in Missouri, rubbed a reader the wrong way.

Some background helps: She told me that her dad was Sheriff in Gentry County, Missouri for 28 years (elected for seven consecutive terms). He was an atheist personally but never spoke out against religion in public. He had a great reputation. Even criminals wanted to be tried in his jail because they knew, under his care, they would be safe, not go hungry, and their families would be kept up-to-date about their situations.

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