A Fake Psychic Was Punished for Posing As a “Real” Psychic

Your irony meters are about to explode.


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God Gives the Worst Gifts

If every day if a gift from God, the Lord has a lot of explaining to do…


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The Story of King David (As Explained By An Atheist Who Actually Read the Bible): Part Two

In a continuation of his most recent series, DarkMatter2525 retells the biblical story of King David. This time, he goes beyond the Goliath story to show us something far more disturbing…


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An Evangelical Icon’s Son Left the Faith; Now They’ve Written a Book Discussing Their Differences

What happens when an evangelical Christian leader’s son turns out to be an atheist? Tony and Bart Campolo have written a book discussing their differences — and how they refuse to let their beliefs get in the way of their love for each other.


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Fragile Texas Judge Sues To Get Out Of Watching LGBT Diversity Training Video

Texas Social Security Administration Judge Gary Suttles has filed a lawsuit against his superiors for creating a “religiously hostile environment” and violating his First Amendment rights… all for making him watch a mandatory video about LGBT diversity.


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