Alberta Catholic School Criticized After Guest Speaker Compares Abortions to the Holocaust

It’s bad enough that École Secondaire Notre Dame High School in Red Deer, Alberta had an anti-abortion speaker make a presentation to students in a mandatory religion class.

It got even worse when the video she showed made references to Hitler, as if those who support abortion are like Nazis killing Jews.


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Texas House GOP Votes To Take $20 Million from Clean-Air Initiatives to Fund Anti-Abortion Centers

Republicans: They care about life that doesn’t exist to get a place that doesn’t exist.


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The Christian Pastor Whose Anti-Planned Parenthood Video Backfired Just Made the Same Mistake Again

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke was deeply upset that someone donated to Planned Parenthood in his name.

And now he’s REALLY upset that even more of you donated in his name after he said that.

Might as well do it again.


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Missouri GOPer Proposes Spiteful Abortion-Themed Name Change For St. Louis Zoo

Missouri Republican Sen. Bob Onder, who lives in a state with just one abortion clinic, wants to punish the St. Louis Zoo for Democrats’ objection to his anti-abortion legislation.


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In Defense of Anti-Abortion Bill, Oklahoma State Rep. Declares Rape and Incest the “Will of God”

An anti-abortion legislator from Oklahoma was forced to reckon with the disturbing consequences of his beliefs… and ended up admitting something horrific: Rape and incest are the will of God.


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