Christian School Condemns Abortion, Then Punishes Student For Not Having One

Maddi Runkles won’t get to graduate with her high school classmates because she made the mistake of being pregnant while Christian.


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Conservative Christians Are Flipping Out Over “Human Embryo Jewelry”

The complaints are coming from people who often wear a symbol of torture around their necks to honor their God.


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Christian Activist: America’s Problems Can Be Blamed on Abortions, Which Feed the “Demonic Realm”

And you thought Donald Trump was to blame for everything…


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Oklahoma House Passes Resolution Calling Abortion “Murder”

The resolution doesn’t just equate abortion with “murder,” it encourages all public officials in the state to use their positions of authority to dissuade women from obtaining the procedure.


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Australian Politician Wrongly Blames Abortion for a Decrease in Government Funding to His Territory

This is just anti-abortion math. It doesn’t have to make sense, as long as women don’t have complete autonomy over their bodies.


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