King County (WA) Will Make Crisis Pregnancy Centers Post Disclaimer for Patients

“Crisis pregnancy centers” are usually nothing more than faith-based, anti-abortion facilities that are more interested in the fetus than the woman. They aren’t always staffed by doctors or other trained professionals, either.

The King County Board of Health in Washington will now force them to put up signs saying “This facility is not a health care facility.”


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Lawyers: The 12-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Will Have an Abortion is a Murderer

There’s no compassion from either of these attorneys because they’re blinded by their anti-abortion views to even consider the human on the other side of the issue.


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Wisconsin May Block Medical Students From Learning How To Perform Abortions

The state of Wisconsin has been experiencing a serious shortage of OB/GYNs over the past several years.

A new bill, intended to make it tougher for women to obtain abortions, would make things even worse.


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Defunding Planned Parenthood Led to More Teen Abortions and Unintended Pregnancies

Donald Trump and other Republicans are trying to defund Planned Parenthood nationwide, but Texas has already gone down that road and it ended with — wait for it — more teen abortions in the state.


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Gordon Klingenschmitt: God Will Heal Diseases If We Defund Planned Parenthood

Former Colorado State Rep. and current Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt has a solution to all of our healthcare woes: Just eliminate Planned Parenthood.

Do that, he says, and “God will heal your diseases.”


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