Atheists of Utah Will Donate Money to Planned Parenthood on Behalf of Anti-Abortion Governor

The Salt Lake City Weekly newspaper has a nice interview with Felicia Entwistle, president of Atheists of Utah.

Her group is hosting a big fundraiser tonight and it includes a silent auction with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Even better? The money will be donated in the name of Governor Gary Herbert:


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Bryan Fischer Says Abortions Are “Like Food for Demons”

Atheists may love to eat babies, but who knew the Devil preferred the unborn?

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer explained it all on his radio show yesterday:


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Alabama Bill Would Force Doctors to Tell Women How Much Money They Make from Abortions

The past several years have seen an onslaught of anti-choice policies being pushed through state legislatures. Much has been written of them, with many more words to come. But a recent bill in Alabama, HB 183, is so chock-full of obscenities, it deserves a particularly thorough smackdown.

For starters, it’s called the “Ultrasound Access Bill,” which is almost funny, because it has nothing to do with providing access and everything to do with mandating participation. Should the bill become law, any woman would be required to receive a sonogram with accompanying description of the location of the amniotic fluid sac, features of the fetus, and the presence of a heartbeat. Alabama apparently does not care that the Supreme Court has already held that such practices are unconstitutional, as it amounts to forced government speech that is completely medically unnecessary.


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Brazilian Legislature Wants to Increase Penalties for Abortion in Response to Zika

With the Zika virus spreading through Latin America, the UN and other organizations have called on impacted countries to loosen their bans and heavy restrictions on abortion. Since the virus can cause severe birth defects in children, people are starting to realize the importance of allowing women to make the reproductive choices that are right for them. This is particularly pressing for women and families who, if forced to carry through a pregnancy, would not be able to adequately care for a child born with microcephaly. Indeed, the problem has gotten so bad that women with Zika have taken to pleading for abortion pills online, since they’re unable to receive the care they need in their countries.


Realizing the enormous health crisis facing Brazilian women and families, anti-abortion forces in Brazil are pouring all their resources into assisting parents who ultimately “choose life” for afflicted fetuses.

No, wait, scratch that.

They’re actually focused on important stuff like figuring out how to increase punishments for women and doctors who abort.

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Scott Walker’s “Pro-Life” Appointees Oppose the Most Effective Measure Against Unplanned Pregnancy

Wisconsin Governor and fallen presidential tribute Scott Walker has made no secret of his extreme anti-abortion views — being so fanatical that he can’t even bring himself to support abortion exceptions to save a woman’s life, because, you know, “pro-life.”


So it’s little wonder that he chooses extreme anti-choice people as political appointees. But if you think that stops at abortion, you would be very much mistaken. These “pro-life” champs are so opposed to women’s reproductive freedom that they also crusade against the one thing that is actually proven to reduce unplanned pregnancies (and abortion): contraceptive use.

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