Conservative Blogger Matt Walsh: Progressive Christians Aren’t True Christians

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh must live in the tiniest of bubbles, because there are millions of Christians who can prove him wrong:


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New Study Finds That Anti-Abortion Threats Skyrocketed in Wake of Planned Parenthood Videos

I’ve written before about the dangers of the extreme rhetoric and outright lies the right-wing employs in its anti-abortion efforts. New data detailing a dramatic increase in anti-abortion violence and threats — coinciding with the release of the discredited “baby parts” Planned Parenthood videos — lends credence to the idea. And while correlation isn’t causation, it’s not much of a stretch to think that insisting that doctors are murderers and organ traffickers might inspire something less than good will.


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If Donald Trump Needs a Cheat Sheet for How to Talk About Abortion, Here It Is

Cartoonist James MacLeod throws a bone to Donald Trump and his Republican opponents by reminding them how to speak publicly about abortion:


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Ted Cruz’s “Moderate” Tone on Abortion Means Women Must Have Their Rapists’ Babies

In a Madison, Wisconsin town hall hosted by Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly, Ted Cruz fielded questions from Kelly and audience members. One self-described moderate, pro-choice Republican woman voiced her concerns that Cruz would ban abortion. As usual when asked a potentially risky question, Cruz employed a combination of duplicity and outright dishonesty in his answer.


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New Arizona Law Flies in the Face of Updated FDA Guidelines on Abortion Pill

If you thought anti-abortion activists were solely focused on shutting down Planned Parenthood, this week showed how wrong that thinking was. Another vehicle to prevent women from having abortions involves requiring strict adherence to the scientifically outdated FDA guidelines for using the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone.

Even though more current data exists (the old guidelines were based off clinical tests in the 1990s, before the drug was approved), and the medically accepted usage has changed with the newer data, there were anti-abortion groups opposed to the FDA following the science where it leads. In fact, several states passed laws forcing doctors to adhere to the old FDA standards – only for abortion drugs, of course. And, naturally, this was all done in the name of protecting women.


The FDA, however, at the request of the company that produces the drug, examined the data, and subsequently updated the guidelines to account for new evidence. Which is exactly how things should work — with change reflecting progress — but it caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the anti-choice community.

But you’d be wrong in thinking “pro-life” activists were simply going to let this slide. Consider Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey who, last week, after the FDA updated their guidelines, still signed into law a bill that requires adherence to the old, now-scientifically inaccurate guidelines.

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