Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton is a Lesbian Satanist Christian-Killer Who Should Be Executed

Theodore Shoebat, who once said women who have abortions deserve the death penalty by way of a firing squad, and then updated his hit list in June to include “the sodomites,” just expanded the list once again. This time, he’s going after Hillary Clinton.


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Judge Tosses Out Satanic Temple’s 2015 Abortion Lawsuit Because Plaintiff is No Longer Pregnant

Last year, The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit after their client, a pregnant woman from Missouri who wanted an abortion, was told she had to wait 72 hours before obtaining one. That delay violated her Satanic religious beliefs, they said. A federal judge tossed out their lawsuit this week for the worst possible reason: The woman in question is no longer pregnant.


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If Asked About Creation and Evolution, Donald Trump Was Told to Respond With “I Believe in Both”

More than a year ago, Donald Trump received a memo from a campaign adviser telling him how to speak to the evangelical Christian crowd at the upcoming Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. What’s interesting is the advice Trump was given, according to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News. Rather than encouraging him to be honest with the audience (which he can’t do), or stick to his conservative principles (which he doesn’t have), or explicitly state his support for evangelical beliefs (which would alienate others), the document told him how the thread the needle to make everybody happy.


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The Democratic Party Platform is a Breath of Fresh Air for Progressives

Last week, the Republican Party adopted the most conservative Christian platform we’ve ever seen. It was anti-marriage equality, anti-abortion, anti-transgender, and pro-Bible-in-Schools. We got something far more progressive and reasonable yesterday when the Democratic Party adopted its platform. Here’s a glimpse at three ways the committee addressed matters relating to religion.


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Tim Kaine Shows You Can Be a Catholic Without Governing Like One

Hillary Clinton‘s selection of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate may not make for exciting headlines, but it’s a strong pick for a number of reasons and doesn’t hurt her in any meaningful way. But one of the reasons his selection might raise eyebrows from progressives is that he constantly talks about his Catholic faith. The good news is that putting him in the White House doesn’t mean advancing irrational Catholic doctrine.


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