Missouri GOPer Proposes Spiteful Abortion-Themed Name Change For St. Louis Zoo

Missouri Republican Sen. Bob Onder, who lives in a state with just one abortion clinic, wants to punish the St. Louis Zoo for Democrats’ objection to his anti-abortion legislation.


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In Defense of Anti-Abortion Bill, Oklahoma State Rep. Declares Rape and Incest the “Will of God”

An anti-abortion legislator from Oklahoma was forced to reckon with the disturbing consequences of his beliefs… and ended up admitting something horrific: Rape and incest are the will of God.


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Christian Extremist Says Conservative Tomi Lahren Should Be Executed for Defending Abortion Rights

After conservative commentator Tomi Lahren defended abortion rights, leading to her suspension from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, extremist Theodore Shoebat turned it up to 11 by calling for her execution. He’s so pro-life, he wants abortion defenders dead.


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Texas Democrat Trolls Anti-Abortion Colleagues with Bill Fining Men $100 Each Time They Masturbate

Since men in Texas have no problem proposing and passing legislation that restricts how much control women have over their bodies, one female legislator is turning the tables on them with a clever bill of her own.

Pay up, buddy.

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Texas Lawmakers Think Doctors Should Be Able to Lie to Women if the Truth Could Lead to an Abortion

Lawmakers in Texas have advanced Senate Bill 25, a bill that would allow doctors to not tell pregnant patients if something is wrong wth their unborn child.


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