Christian Leader: Government Exemption from Contraceptive Coverage is Still Persecution

The Affordable Care Act requires employers to, in general, include contraceptive coverage in their healthcare plans. Exemptions for religious organizations exist, though, just as they do for for-profit employers who personally oppose women’s reproductive care access on religious grounds. (Thanks, Hobby Lobby.)

Those exemptions are easy to request, too: All you have to do is fill out a short form, indicating your intent to take advantage of the exemption, and file it.


But to the conservative “religious freedom” crowd, that’s a burden too big. It’s an assault on religious freedom to put pen to paper. This is the basis of the lawsuit currently being considered by the Supreme Court, filed by the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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With a Prayer, Indiana Governor Signs Into Law Controversial Abortion Restriction

It looks like Indiana Governor Mike Pence isn’t done ruining the reputation of his state.

After last summer’s disastrous bill allowing LGBT discrimination — which he later had to modify after a national outcry — he’s back in business, this time restricting abortions even further.

Behind closed doors, Pence signed House Enrolled Act 1337, forbidding women from obtaining abortions if they’re doing it because the fetus has a diagnosis of a disability.


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A Once-Devout Catholic Woman Says She’s “Disillusioned” by the Church’s Anti-Contraception Stance

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the case of Zubik v. Burwell — another ridiculous challenge to the Affordable Care Act.


In a compelling piece for the Washington Post, teacher Sonia Guizar writes about how she used to be a devout Catholic who shunned any form of birth control. But after having her first child, she knew she couldn’t afford another one. She needed contraception. Without coverage from her Catholic workplace, though, that was out of the question.

She soon became pregnant with her second child. (So much for “natural family planning.”)

Guizar says the Church’s opposition to sensible family planning is pushing her away from the faith — no kidding — and today’s Supreme Court case just confirms her feelings:

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About Those Two Fetuses Growing in Their Mother’s Womb…

Well, I’m convinced.

All lives are precious, everyone. Don’t ever forget it.


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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Called Feminists “Angry, Militant, Man-Hating Lesbians”

Earlier in the week I covered some remarkably homophobic columns written by Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley (who was temporarily appointed to the bench by Governor Scott Walker last year and is currently running for election). Penned for her college paper, the “pro-life” Bradley showed unabashed contempt for gay people and AIDS victims (whom she referred to as “degenerate drug addicts and queers”) and complete disregard for their lives (saying they “deservedly receive none of [her] sympathy”).


I noted at the time that the columns, despite having been written in the 90s, were relevant due to the position Bradley has and hopes to retain, as well as her continued embrace of social conservatism — there just isn’t good evidence to suggest that her opinions have shifted, and as a Supreme Court justice who can have significant impact on the lives and rights of LGBT Wisconsinites, that matters.

Well, One Wisconsin Now (the liberal group that uncovered those columns) has found additional writings by Bradley in which she shares her disturbing views on women. A couple of themes become apparent in her pieces. First is all the judgment (still reflected in her more recent writings, where she refers to contraceptive use as murder). Victim blaming is another big one.

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