Rhode Island Catholic School Removes Pro-Choice Politician from Its Hall of Fame, but Plans to Induct Ex-Con

La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island is one of those Catholic schools that’s been around forever, with the current building dedicated in 1925. You can imagine that its Hall of Fame (“Wall of Notables”) is pretty stacked given all the alumni the school has had, but that’s been a source of controversy recently.

First, they removed the painting of Gina Raimondo, the Democratic candidate for governor, because she cares too much about the rights of women:

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Duggar Daughter Invokes Pro-Life Godwin’s Law; Blames Racism and Holocaust on Evolution

Jessa Duggar, of 19 Kids and Counting fame, recently posted a lengthy diatribe against evolutionary science and women’s reproductive care to Instagram, in which she likened abortion to the Holocaust. The post accompanies a photo from the Holocaust Museum, and it’s pretty clear out of the gate where she’s going with this.

I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today… very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights — their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed “less than human.”

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Rumors of a Vatican Reversal on Contraception Are Highly Exaggerated

The headlines are optimistic:

“Pope Francis adviser hints at rethink on contraception ban” (The Telegraph)

“Pope in battle to win acceptance for contraception, divorcees, and annulments” (Irish Central)

“Vatican might OK contraception” (Joe. My. God)

Dig a little deeper into the story, though, and the truth is a lot less exciting. As is often the case, a well-known Vatican official says something off-the-cuff and the media, not always able to provide context, reads into it more than is actually there.

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Spain’s Anti-Abortion Government Bows to Pressure… Mostly

Spain’s ruling party, Popular Party (PP), ran on a conservative platform that included the abolition of nearly all abortion rights. But since the nation’s current law regarding abortion is in line with much of the rest of Europe, allowing unrestricted access to abortions through the first 14 weeks of pregnancy (and limited access after that), the government’s proposal to remove that right was met with substantial pushback.

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Anti-Abortion Advocates Will Erect Memorials and Hold Services for Aborted Fetuses Tomorrow

If you haven’t already marked your calendar, you’re going to want to get right on it, because tomorrow is “National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children,” at least according to anti-abortion advocates, who are setting up memorials, attending services, etc., all across America, to draw attention to the terrifying fact that women still have the right to choose in this country.

The movement approaches the question from an wholly rational viewpoint, making cogent and entirely new arguments for limiting a woman’s right to abortion.

… just kidding.

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