I’m Pro-Life, Too

Laura at Thinkerbell is taking back the word: The Religious Right is Pro-Fetus, Pro-Zygote, Pro-Little-Bunch-Of-Cells, Pro-Sea-Monkey, Pro-People-Seeds. Those labels all fit very well. But where is the Conservative Christian fighting for the life of the rape victim mother? Where is the anti-abortion activist who cares about the 23 year old woman who barely earns enough [Read More...]

Want to Help a Hell House?

If any of you can help out the Landover Baptist Church, they’re looking for help with their Halloween Hell House: It only gets worse: Look in dumpsters behind Planned Parenthood or each and every trash container in any government housing project! Put as many fetuses as you can into a strong plastic bag, then put [Read More...]

A Pro-Choice Heroine

18,986. That’s how many abortions Anne Nicol Gaylor has funded via her Women’s Medical Fund non-profit group. (Gaylor may be better known for co-founding the Freedom From Religion Foundation in 1976 — her daughter is now one of its co-presidents.) An article in the Wisconsin State Journal profiles her work and her legacy: The fund’s [Read More...]

Madison Catholic Diocese Buys Cheaper Insurance But Will Fire Employees Who Use It for Birth Control

The Madison Catholic Diocese and St. Mary’s Hospital in the area have issued this (slightly paraphrased) statement to all of its employees: Our new insurance plan covers prescription contraceptives like birth-control. But if you ever take those pills, we’re so going to fire you. They have this insurance plan because Wisconsin law has mandated that [Read More...]

She Used to Be An Abortion Clinic Protester

After posting the video of Aaron Gouveia responding to abortion protesters outside a clinic, I received an email from “Cindy.” She used to be one of those protesters but is now an atheist who hopes to eventually earn a Ph.D. Here’s her powerful story: My family is your quintessential evangelical, “Jesus Camp” family, except on [Read More...]