Carly Fiorina is Still Spreading Lies About Planned Parenthood

I assume that part of the Republican platform is that if their candidates tell a lie, they have to stick with it for the duration of the campaign. Thousands of Muslims cheered in New Jersey during 9/11? Sure, why not. Pyramids built to store grain. If you say so. Planned Parenthood sells baby parts? Who cares if someone shoots up a clinic because of it.

That last lie is one that Carly Fiorina perpetuated at the first Republican debate, and she’s still standing by it despite the lie being debunked by credible organizations everywhere.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Fiorina got mad at him for daring to even bring it up:

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In Court, Planned Parenthood Shooter Calls Himself “Warrior for the Babies”

On November 27th, Robert Lewis Dear attacked a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, killing three people and wounding nine others. Despite months of engaging in dangerously inflammatory rhetoric targeting the health care organization, sparked largely by a series of debunked “organ sales” videos that were designed to “destroy” the group, conservatives were anxious to assert that the shooting had nothing at all to do with anti-abortion views.

It was a bank robbery, unrelated to Planned Parenthood, some believed. Even after news broke that the accused killer had told police that he was worried about “baby parts,” Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz tried to tie the shooting to a “transgendered liberal activist.

Apparently, the shooter missed the memo that this had nothing to with abortion. At a court appearance today, he both admitted guilt and defined his own motives very clearly.

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Anti-Abortion Activist Says Goal of Sting Videos Was to “Destroy” Planned Parenthood

By now, it’s pretty clear that the debunked Planned Parenthood “baby parts” sting videos were not part of an honest exposé, but rather heavily manipulated propaganda designed to evoke the desired reaction against Planned Parenthood.

The edited and misleading parts have already been established. In a sermon from September, Troy Newman described his and other activists’ goals for the videos. Newman is a long time abortion foe (“pro-life” seems too bizarre a term for someone who wants abortion doctors executed). He’s both president of anti-abortion group “Operation Rescue” and a board member for the “Center for Medical Progress” group that released the videos. (He’s also a Ted Cruz supporter; I still haven’t figured out who gets the worse end of that deal.)

The goal of those videos, in Newman’s own words, was simple: to destroy Planned Parenthood.

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Matt Barber Says Christian Terrorists Don’t Exist, Despite All the Examples to the Contrary

Who gets to define what a “True” Christian is?

It’s a silly question, really, because fundamentalist and progressive Christians fall under the same religious label, and both sides could easily point to various verses in the same holy book to justify their interpretation of it. It just depends who you ask. There are Christians who perform abortions and Christians who kill abortion doctors. There’s Barack Obama and Ted Cruz. Turns out Christianity, like every major religion, is just a big umbrella.

But when it comes to declaring who’s a “True Muslim,” conservative commentator Matt Barber (below) knows exactly who fits the mold: It’s the people who kill in the name of Islam who are the real followers of the faith. Everyone else is just ignoring their holy book:

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Missouri Legislator Proposes Bill to Make Buying Guns as Difficult as Obtaining Abortions

Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat, pre-filed a bill (HB 1397) that would force gun owners to go through the same process that women in her state are subjected to when they want to obtain an abortion.

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