Madison Catholic Diocese Buys Cheaper Insurance But Will Fire Employees Who Use It for Birth Control

The Madison Catholic Diocese and St. Mary’s Hospital in the area have issued this (slightly paraphrased) statement to all of its employees: Our new insurance plan covers prescription contraceptives like birth-control. But if you ever take those pills, we’re so going to fire you. They have this insurance plan because Wisconsin law has mandated that [Read More...]

She Used to Be An Abortion Clinic Protester

After posting the video of Aaron Gouveia responding to abortion protesters outside a clinic, I received an email from “Cindy.” She used to be one of those protesters but is now an atheist who hopes to eventually earn a Ph.D. Here’s her powerful story: My family is your quintessential evangelical, “Jesus Camp” family, except on [Read More...]

My Night at a Focus on the Family Event

Friday night, Jen McCreight and I attended a “Celebrate Family Tour” at Wheaton College, hosted by Focus on the Family. Why? Because it was so close… and what better way to spend your Friday night than getting silently furious while listening to Christians talk about how they’re superior to atheists with regards to raising children, [Read More...]

The Dad and the Abortion Protesters

Last month, Aaron Gouveia took his wife (MJ) to a clinic to have a surgical abortion. There were personal reasons for that decision, but that didn’t matter to the protesters outside the clinic. Aaron and MJ made their way inside, but not completely unscathed. … when I looked at MJ she was in tears. Those [Read More...]

Republican’s Idea to Fix Economy: Outlaw Abortion

Congressman Zach Wamp (R-TN) is running for Governor of the state this year. He spoke at a Tea Party convention in Gatlinburg recently and explained why his hometown city of Chattanooga has a booming economy: “Let me tell you one of the reasons why Chattanooga is a very blessed city today, why we have so [Read More...]