Abstinence-Only Education Fails Again

The Fark headline for this story reads: “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” A new study published in the journal Reproductive Health shows that there is a correlation between a state’s religiosity and the teenage birth rate. Except Utah. It’s the exception. (Nicely done, Mormons.) (And “new” study? Haven’t we heard this one before? Next [Read More...]

Pro-Life Church Says They’ll Take Care of Any Babies You Give Them

Like many of you, I’m pro-choice without also being pro-abortion. I would love to see the number of abortions reduced (while birth control use increases) and I’m personally much happier to hear that a woman had a baby and gave it up for adoption rather than chose to abort it. (Of course, that choice depends [Read More...]

Comparing Them to Nazis

The Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins would like you to know that she never compared homosexuals to Nazis: Those who made the false claim that I said homosexuals are the moral equivalents of Nazis are either obtuse or dishonest. She would never say such a thing. How dare anyone misquote her. Higgins adds: the only [Read More...]

The Empty Red Envelope Conspiracy Theory

Earlier this year, several pro-life individuals participated in a project called the Red Envelope Campaign in which they sent an empty, red envelope to President Obama at the White House. There was a message on the back saying that the envelope represented an aborted baby. This was supposed to get Obama to change his policies. [Read More...]

Pharmacists Must Dispense Plan B

Remember those pharmacists who refused to dispense Plan B (a “morning-after” pill) because they were religiously opposed to it? And remember how pissed off you were because who the $#&% are they to decide what’s best for women? Pharmacists in Washington state had filed a lawsuit so they wouldn’t have to do their job and [Read More...]