You Have to Listen to PA State Rep. Brian Sims’ Incredible Speech Against an Anti-Abortion Bill

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims is one of the handful of openly non-religious legislators in the country, and he gave an incredible speech on the House floor yesterday opposing a draconian piece of legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks unless it was absolutely medically necessary. (Because Jesus.)

You have to watch this:


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A Look at The Satanic Temple’s Creative Demonstrations to Protect Abortion Rights

Over the past couple of years, The Satanic Temple has staged some of the more inventive responses to the pro-life movement. They filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Missouri woman who said it was her religious right to not abide by the state’s 72-hour waiting period for abortions. They countered a counter-demonstration to a pro-life protest that involved pouring several gallons of milk on two women. Another protest involved bondage fetish wear, baby masks, diapers, and group flagellation.

TST PP Detroit-7

Now, Broadly host Callie Beusman has a short film about the Temple’s fight to protect women’s abortion rights.

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Ken Ham: The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Incident Reminds Me of Abortion and Jesus

Ken Ham has finally weighed in on the weekend incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, in which a gorilla (Harambe) was killed after a three-year-old fell into its enclosure. Experts say that zoo officials made the right call in shooting the animal — the boy’s life was in serious danger — and Ham agrees with that assessment.


But not before noting two things about abortion and Jesus. Because Christians like him have no other interests.

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Christian Extremist: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Shot By a Firing Squad

The last time we saw Christian extremist and one-man hate group Theodore Shoebat, he was saying that women who have abortions were “sluts” who deserved the death penalty.

In his latest video, he’s even more explicit about how women and their doctors should die.

He wants them all to be put in front of a firing squad:


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Samantha Bee Explains the Religious Right’s Hypocrisy on Abortion

After last week’s look at the nasty, racist history of the Religious Right, Samantha Bee continued her look at Christian conservatives last night with a segment on abortion.

The piece included a conversation with Frank Schaeffer, my Patheos colleague and one of the people responsible for the “pro-life” movement. He called it the “single greatest regret of my life.” (Starting the anti-abortion movement, I mean. Just so we’re clear.)


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