Here Are All the Disturbing Ways Evangelical Christianity Influenced the GOP’s 2016 Platform

Republicans adopted their party’s official platform yesterday, setting in stone what the GOP now stands for. While there’s a lot to object to, below are the issues that seem to come straight out of evangelical Christian talking points, along with the sections in which they appear. It’s not all that surprising to see these in print when you realize that Christian pseudo-historian David Barton and hate group leader Tony Perkins were both members of the Platform committee.


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After Loss in Supreme Court Abortion Case, TX Governor Wants to Mandate Funerals for Fetal Tissue

Beginning in September, Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants all aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated, and he doesn’t need the legislature’s approval to make it happen.


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It Took Born Again Christian Donald Trump 3 Days to Comment on the Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling

It took Donald Trump, who was wooing evangelicals as recently as last week, three days to finally chime in on the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. Not exactly what you’d expect from a born again Christian…


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Christian Pastor Explains the One Word He’d Say to Women Who Have Had An Abortion

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention) just posted a video featuring Pastor Garrett Kell describing the one thing he’d say to women who have had an abortion.

Can you guess what it is?


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Supreme Court Will Not Hear Case Involving Pharmacists Who Refuse to Do Their Jobs Because of Jesus

Just a day after a monumental ruling defending abortion rights in Texas, the Supreme Court today rightly refused to hear a case involving religious pharmacists in Washington state who refuse to dispense birth control because their faith forbids it.


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