Christian Theologian: I Still Support Donald Trump Because Hillary Clinton is Worse Than Hitler

Christian theologian Dr. Norman Geisler made clear weeks ago that he supported Donald Trump. But that was before we learned that Trump bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” lost two debates, and saw the support of many establishment Republicans vanish.

Does Geisler still endorse Trump today? That’s what Christianity Today‘s Ed Stetzer wanted to know. And Geisler did not disappoint, doubling-down on his past comments and calling Hillary Clinton worse than Hitler:


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Tim Kaine Showed Us How Church/State Separation Should Work for Elected Officials

While there will be plenty of commentary about the Vice Presidential debate — Did Tim Kaine interrupt too often? Why would Mike Pence act like his running mate never said all those things he totally said? — there was one portion of the evening that revealed what both candidates really think about church/state separation.


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Are You Pro-Life? Then You Should Vote for Hillary Clinton, Says Christian Writer

Eric Sapp, writing at the Christian Post, makes the welcome argument that pro-lifers — especially those who vote as if that’s the only issue that matters — should vote for Hillary Clinton.


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Millions of Women in Poland Are On Strike Today to Protest Draconian Anti-Abortion Legislation

A proposed law in Poland could ban all abortions except to save the life of the mother. That’s why millions of Polish women are participating in a strike today that could effectively halt the economy:


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Florida Group Wanting Abortion Classified as a Capital Crime Won’t Be More Specific About Penalties

An evangelical Christian group called Abolish Abortion Florida is calling for abortion to be classified as a capital crime, eligible for the death penalty. But when I asked them how women and their doctors should be killed, they dodged the question…


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