Arizona Governor Bans Planned Parenthood from Health Expo

What sort of services does Planned Parenthood provide for women? Breast exams Pap smears Cervical cancer screenings Infertility testings Physical exams Mammograms And, yes, abortions, which make up approximately 3% (PDF) of PP’s total services. With all that they offer, it makes sense that they would participate in the Women’s Health Expo this past week [Read More...]

An Atheist Birth Video?

Not trying to feed the troll, but this is too funny to pass up. Below is a video of a birthing simulation. The dummy delivers a baby in a variety of situations (like breech birth) and midwives and obstetricians-in-training can practice their skills. Apparently, this Christian conservative doesn’t understand childbirth: I am absolutely disgusted by [Read More...]

When Should a Fetus Be Given Rights?

This guest post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association. He usually blogs at Rant & Reason. … This is the second time this month I’ve agreed with Steven Waldman. Uncanny and unexpected. In his piece on Beliefnet, he makes the case that our abortion policy shouldn’t focus on a distinct [Read More...]