Having a Vasectomy, Sexting, and Several Other Things That’ll Get You Fired from Cleveland Catholic Schools

The Cleveland Catholic diocese, which oversees five high schools, will have teachers sign a contract next year that includes an expanded “morality clause.”

The teachers voted to adopt the wording — it’s the same contract elementary school teachers in the diocese had to sign last year — but it’s just amazing to see what’s on this list of offenses that will get you fired from these Catholic schools:

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How Crisis Pregnancy Centers Mislead Women Who Want to Obtain Abortions

Last year, reporter Meaghan Winter attended a meeting of the anti-abortion Heartbeat International conference, and she’s written about her experience in Cosmopolitan.

To nobody’s surprise, the conference was full of misinformation everywhere. And the attendees were encouraged to mislead women who were seeking abortions:

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Cancer Survivors in Texas Warn That “Pro-Life” Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood Could Threaten Lives

Anti-abortion legislators across the country have been very busy these past few years targeting abortion by limiting the procedure’s legality as well as availability. But since abortion is a legal procedure, they’ve cooked up a number of strategies to impose de facto bans on it, by regulating providers to the point where they go out of business, banning coverage even through privately purchased health insurance plans, etc. Planned Parenthood is, of course, one of the most frequent targets of anti-abortion moralists, to the extent where finding new ways to cut and block funding for Planned Parenthood is practically a sport among Republicans these days.

But this comes with real life consequences far beyond the piecemeal dismantling of abortion rights and access, as Planned Parenthood offers many other important services. In order to demonstrate just how “pro-life” they are, anti-abortion legislators are often willing to cut off funding for services that have nothing to do with abortion — including life saving and critical preventative health care, like cancer screenings.

One group of Texans is aiming to bring awareness to that fact — by featuring the stories of Texans whose lives were saved due to early cancer detection from Planned Parenthood.

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Colorado Republican Loses Committee Assignment After Saying a Pregnant Woman Was Stabbed Because Abortion is Legal

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the fundamentalist Christian and Colorado lawmaker, is finally getting a sort of punishment following his comments last week that the brutal attack of a pregnant woman occurred because we allow legal abortions in this country.

He has now been pulled from one of the two committees on which he served:

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Colorado Republican Legislator: God Let a Pregnant Woman Get Brutally Stabbed Because Abortion is Legal

It looks like Gordon Klingenschmitt‘s colleagues in the Colorado House are finally realizing who the hell this guy is.

The right-wing extremist who constantly says awful things about anyone who’s not his brand of Christian may have jumped his own JesuShark when commenting on the brutal attack of a pregnant woman:

A pregnant Colorado woman had her baby cut from her womb on Wednesday during an alleged attack by a stranger who later took the dead infant to a hospital claiming that she had suffered a miscarriage, police said.

That’s fucking horrifying…

And then Klingenschmitt jumped in to offer his unwanted explanation of why it happened:

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