It’s Kind of Like Abortion

It’s the same thing, really… The analogy is perfect. And getting a papercut is the same thing as getting your head chopped off. (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more...]

The Pathetic ‘Care’ Provided By Christian Pregnancy Clinics

Cienna Madrid has an eye-opening writeup of how Christian-run pregnancy clinics operate. It turns out they’re not just unhelpful but also incredibly harmful for women: Only half of the six pregnancy centers Megan and I visit during our weeklong pregnancy test spree disclose over the phone that they don’t perform or refer for abortions. None [Read More...]

Open Thread: Public Abortions

Today’s the day my Speech kids compete at the Regional tournament against 10 other schools… the top 4 in each event make it through to the next round. My kids are talented. I’m a nervous wreck. Anyway, while I’m busy with that all day, I leave you this video from anti-choice activist Lila Rose, in [Read More...]

Christian Right Group Complains because Client Would Have to Care for Women Who Have Abortions

***Update***: Vanderbilt will be changing their application. It now reads: “While Vanderbilt expects all health care providers, including nurses who participate in the Nurse Residency Program’s Women’s Health Track, to provide compassionate care to all patients… no health care provider is required to participate in a procedure terminating a pregnancy if such participation would be [Read More...]

I’m Pro-Life, Too

Laura at Thinkerbell is taking back the word: The Religious Right is Pro-Fetus, Pro-Zygote, Pro-Little-Bunch-Of-Cells, Pro-Sea-Monkey, Pro-People-Seeds. Those labels all fit very well. But where is the Conservative Christian fighting for the life of the rape victim mother? Where is the anti-abortion activist who cares about the 23 year old woman who barely earns enough [Read More...]