Arkansas State Representative Tells Pro-Choice Mother She’s a Murderer

In the span of just a couple of days, we have yet another Arkansas legislator who dismisses the legitimate concerns of his constituent with a flippant response.

On Monday, Rep. John Payton responded to a mother’s concern about her atheist daughter having to sit through a moment of silence (and the inevitable bullying of students who know she’s not praying) by tossing out a couple of Bible verses calling atheists fools.

But there’s more where he came from. Last week, a Pagan woman wrote to Rep. Nate Bell — a Republican, of course — urging him to reconsider the state’s strict new veto-overridden anti-abortion laws.

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North Dakota ‘Personhood’ Bill Targets Roe v. Wade

North Dakota’s war against women gets worse every day.

Earlier this month, the Republican-dominated state senate passed a “personhood” bill giving legal rights to human embryos, all but outlawing abortion in most cases. If Gov. Jack Dalrymple signs the bill, North Dakota would be the first state ever to successfully implement a “personhood” law, in spite of the numerous physicians who say these laws are dangerous to women: [Read more...]

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Yes, There Are Atheists Who Are Anti-Abortion

Given how strong the ties are between religious conservatives and the anti-abortion movement, you might suspect that atheists are almost entirely pro-choice… and you’d be right. However, a vocal minority of pro-life atheists have been getting a lot of coverage lately as people realize we’re not as monolithic as we’re made out to be.

Marco Rosaire Rossi wrote about non-religious pro-lifers for The Humanist last fall (and one of the groups he wrote about offered a rebuttal to his piece here).

Now, Leslie Fain at The Catholic World Report takes another look at this group to find out how they justify being pro-life when God doesn’t factor into the equation: [Read more...]

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1Flesh Plays Fast and Loose with Abortion Facts

There is a certain comfort to the constants in life.

Sun comes up, Sun comes down.

Tide goes in, tide goes out, never a miscommunication.

Pat Robertson says something disgusting.

And the folks at 1Flesh are, once again, publishing bad information in pursuit of their religious goals.

This time they’ve neatly packaged their fail in an attractive little graphic: [Read more...]

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Christian Right Leader: ObamaCare Leads to a ‘Hitler-Kind of Killing Machine’

We already know the government gave $542,400,000 in funding to Planned Parenthood last year. That money paid for cancer screenings, STD/STI tests, contraception… and not abortions (since those are not funded by the government).

Liberty Counsel founder and Religious Right spokesbigot Mat Staver not only ignores that reality entirely, he’s making the claim that Obama (and Congress and liberals and everyone else, pretty much) is just like… well… take a look (beginning at the 7:00 mark):

You can also read it for yourself: [Read more...]

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