Australian Politician Wrongly Blames Abortion for a Decrease in Government Funding to His Territory

This is just anti-abortion math. It doesn’t have to make sense, as long as women don’t have complete autonomy over their bodies.


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Mat Staver: Donald Trump’s “Religious Freedom” Order Would Help Prevent “Genocide” of Abortion

Christians already have all the freedom they need to worship. What these Christians want is the ability to discriminate against people who don’t share their views. Including women who want access to birth control.


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Administrator Faces Punishment After Confronting Young Anti-Abortion Preachers Outside High School

Assistant Principal Zach Ruff took the activists’ bait, got angry, and started arguing from a place of rage.

And, of course, the teenage preachers were hoping that would happen because they were ready with a video camera.


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This is the Saddest Planned Parenthood Protest I’ve Ever Seen

Even Pastor Greg Locke referred to his protest as “anti-climactic.”

So I guess I was wrong. He doesn’t lack all self-awareness.


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Let’s All Thank Pastor Greg Locke for His Contributions to Planned Parenthood

Pastor Greg Locke is still angry that people are making donations to Planned Parenthood on his behalf.


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