The Trailer for This Anti-Abortion Rom-Com Shows That Christian Films Can Indeed Get Worse

Anyone who’s seen Christian knock-offs of popular culture knows they’re never as good as the real thing. They’re usually pathetic attempts at being relevant, stripped of all the good stuff.

But Religious Right activist Janet Porter‘s new anti-abortion romantic comedy What’s a Girl To Do? shows us that whenever we think Christians have hit rock bottom, they can always go lower.


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Women Don’t Need a Priest’s Forgiveness After an Abortion

Pope Francis issued a letter today saying that ordinary priests (as opposed to bishops) can forgive women who have abortions, even though the Catholic Church considers abortion a “grave sin.” While the sentiment is nice, this is completely unnecessary.


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Donald Trump: Women May Have to “Go To Another State” to Obtain Abortions Under His Supreme Court

Of the many, many absurd bits in Donald Trump‘s first post-election interview was how he spoke about the Supreme Court with 60 MinutesLesley Stahl.


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Christian Extremist Theodore Shoebat: I Hope Donald Trump Executes “Sodomites” and “Abortionists”

Theodore Shoebat, who once said women who have abortions deserve the death penalty by way of a firing squad is a little too excited about Donald Trump‘s victory. He’s already hoping that Trump will soon start enacting laws to execute “sodomites” and “abortionists”: “God bless Donald Trump,” Shoebat said, “and may God guide him to do [Read More…]

“Pro-Life” Priest Who Put Aborted Fetus on Altar Is Kinda-Sorta Sorry About That

Father Frank Pavone is sorry you didn’t appreciate how much he loves unborn babies.


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