A Perfect Response to Christians Who Say Birth Control Goes Against Their Religion

Abstinence: It’s 99.9999999% effective.


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Texas Lawmaker’s Bill Criminalizes Abortion So Women Become More “Personally Responsible” About Sex

Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt recently proposed a bill that would criminalize abortions. He defended the bill by saying blocking access to abortions would help women become more “personally responsible” for their sex lives.


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Televangelist Jim Bakker: Those Joining the Women’s March on Washington Want to “Kill Their Babies”

Televangelist Jim Bakker and his guest said on his show this week that Trump was a born again Christian, his presidency would be incredible, and women protesting on Saturday just wanted to “kill their babies.”


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Some Lawmakers Hope to Pass Legislation Equating Abortion with Murder

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take the highest office in the land, some state legislators are launching anti-choice measures that treat abortions as murder.


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Oklahoma Legislature Wants To Lecture Women About Abortion While They Pee

A new law in Oklahoma may soon require public business to post signs in restrooms urging women not to have an abortion.


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