FL Christians Push 2018 Ballot Measure to Potentially Execute Women and Their Abortion Doctors

Donald Trump was excoriated earlier this year when he said women who obtained abortions should be punished. That was the wrong answer to traditional pro-lifers, who typically want to see punishment only for the doctors who conduct the procedures.

Now, Abolish Abortion Florida, an evangelical Christian group, isn’t just moving to the right of Trump, it’s jumping off the edge, calling for a ballot measure in 2018 that would treat all abortion providers and receivers as complicit in first degree murder, making them eligible for the death penalty.


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Atheist Ireland Tells UN Human Rights Council About Nation’s Church/State Separation Problem

Atheist Ireland just became the first explicitly non-theistic advocacy group to speak in front of the full UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and leaders of the group used the opportunity to denounce their nation’s blasphemy laws, ban on abortion, and religious discrimination in public schools.


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“The Laws of the Church Have No Place on Your Flesh,” Declare Irish Women in Powerful New Video

In Ireland, abortions are prohibited by law and women caught obtaining one can face up to 14 years in prison. Now, a new campaign urges the repeal of the country’s Eighth Amendment, which criminalizes abortion.

The Repeal Project launched with the following powerful video, featuring dozens of strong women discussing how they’re persecuted like women at Witch Trials and calling for a separation of church and state on the matter, all while wearing shirts with the word “REPEAL.”


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Undercover Video Shows Crisis Pregnancy Center Staffer Saying Abortion Could Lead to Breast Cancer

According to reports from the Telegraph (UK), counselors from the Alma Pregnancy Advisory Service — a “crisis pregnancy center” that urges women to keep their babies no matter what — were recorded telling clients that abortions cause breast cancer:


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Catholic Hospital Turns Away Bleeding Woman with Dislodged IUD Because They Oppose Birth Control

When Melanie Jones showed up for a doctor’s appointment to remove her dislodged IUD, being turned away was the last thing she expected. Jones was unaware that her health providers were Catholic and, according to their beliefs, could not help her without violating their consciences.


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