Christian Activist: Vote for Donald Trump Because It Could Mean “Life or Death for Millions”

Christian activist Janet Porter wants you to vote for Donald Trump and she’s going to guilt you into it. Referring to Trump’s apparent plan to eradicate abortion rights, she says that millions of unborn babies are relying on a Trump presidency for their survival. (And so is God.)


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Christian Right Leader: The U.S. Is “Doing the Same Thing” As ISIS By Permitting Abortions

ISIS beheads people. ISIS throws gay people off of buildings. ISIS stones women to death if they are accused of adultery. And according to Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney who represented Kim Davis, those atrocities are no different than allowing women to have abortions.


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A Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood May Soon Have a New Neighbor: A Clinic Offering “Reverse Abortions”

It’s bad enough that an anti-abortion clinic may soon open up next to a Planned Parenthood center in New Orleans. We’ve seen that before; in some cases, the “crisis pregnancy centers” literally pretend to be the abortion clinics in order to trick women who were trying to end their pregnancies. In this case, however, it gets worse. The Woman’s New Life Center says they’ll offer “abortion reversals.”


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In Ireland, Where Abortion is Illegal, a Woman is Live-Tweeting Her Arduous Journey to Obtain One

In Ireland, where abortions are prohibited by law and women caught obtaining one can face up to 14 years in prison, a young woman is traveling to Great Britain so she can have the procedure done legally. She and the friend accompanying her are live-tweeting their two-day trip directly to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The message? Look at what we have to go through because our government has such little regard for women and their bodies.


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Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton is a Lesbian Satanist Christian-Killer Who Should Be Executed

Theodore Shoebat, who once┬ásaid women who have abortions deserve the death penalty by way of a firing squad, and then updated his hit list in June to include “the sodomites,” just expanded the list once again. This time, he’s going after Hillary Clinton.


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