Ted Cruz Picks Carly Fiorina As His Running Mate… in a Race They’re Both Going to Lose

Ted Cruz is set to announce that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate — which, let’s face it, only matters in the fantasy election taking place in his head.


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Planned Parenthood Protest Countered by Satanic Temple “Fetal Idolatry” Demonstration

Last August, when the now-debunked anti-Planned Parenthood videos were circulating and there were protests at clinics across the country, The Satanic Temple held one of the more effective counter-demonstrations, sucking all the attention away from the people who want to force women to have babies by pouring gallons of milk over two women.

It worked then and it worked this weekend, too. On Saturday, as nationwide Planned Parenthood protests were taking place once again, members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit showed up outside clinics in Ferndale and Detroit.

In a display of what they called “fetal idolatry” that involved bondage fetish wear, baby masks, diapers, and group flagellation, the protesters were eventually painted gold by “adoring fetal idolizers.”

TST PP Detroit-7

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Conservatives Are Flipping Out Over a College Skeptic Group’s Abortion Rights Display

Last week the University of North Georgia Skeptics Society held an event designed to get people talking about reproductive rights. They made fetus-shaped cookies, handed out pizza, and put out signs that encouraged students to write down why abortion should stay legal. The event itself was pretty routine. There weren’t many complaints (other than from students who generally oppose abortion itself).

But the other day, after conservative blogger Matt Walsh posted this image from the event on Facebook, it quickly began circulating around the anti-abortion blogosphere:


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Conservative Blogger Matt Walsh: Progressive Christians Aren’t True Christians

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh must live in the tiniest of bubbles, because there are millions of Christians who can prove him wrong:


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New Study Finds That Anti-Abortion Threats Skyrocketed in Wake of Planned Parenthood Videos

I’ve written before about the dangers of the extreme rhetoric and outright lies the right-wing employs in its anti-abortion efforts. New data detailing a dramatic increase in anti-abortion violence and threats — coinciding with the release of the discredited “baby parts” Planned Parenthood videos — lends credence to the idea. And while correlation isn’t causation, it’s not much of a stretch to think that insisting that doctors are murderers and organ traffickers might inspire something less than good will.


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