Ask Richard: Should Atheist Student Go to College or Take Care of Mother During Chemotherapy?

A 20-year-old atheist wonders whether she should return to school or be with her mother as she endures chemo. Richard Wade has some excellent advice for her.


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Ask Richard: Catholic Wife in Midst of Divorce Asks About Her Husband’s Atheism

After decades of marriage, a Catholic woman and her now-atheist husband are getting divorced and she wants to know where she went wrong. Richard Wade, our resident therapist, responds to her heartbreaking letter.


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How to Respond When Your Child is Rejected Because of Her Atheism

What do you do when your child, raised as an atheist, tells you her friend can’t play with her anymore because of their religious differences?


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Young Atheist Told to Just Be Herself in Dear Abby Column

I don’t always expect much from nationally syndicated advice columnists… but Dear Abby gave a great response to a young atheist from Alabama surrounded by religious people (including the boy she likes) and unsure of what to do about it.

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How Non-Believers Can Make the Most of Religious Services

Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or all of the above, there’s a good chance you’ll end up attending a religious ceremony at some point. You might be forced (or pressured) to go to church or temple by your family, or asked to go to some other religious event to support a friend, but attending these services doesn’t have to a bad experience. It all depends on your perspective.

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