Ask Richard: Supplement: Dealing With Religious People Who are Actually Fragile

In a comment on my post, “Dealing With Evangelizers Who Seem Fragile,” Nomad asked a very good question: “Remember, the vulnerability is an illusion.” I don’t think that’s true. Many religious people are very vulnerable. Your suggestions are primarily for dealing with those who are not. So you really haven’t addressed how to deal with [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Dealing With Evangelizers Who Seem Fragile

Hey Richard, First, I want to say that I’m really loving your advice column. I’ve always respected the thought you put into your posts and comments, and I think this format really works. I hope it’s a permanent feature. My question deals with people who say their life was the subject of country songs before [Read More...]

Should Atheists Offer Services to a Conservative Christian Group

Reader Brielle is facing a dilemma: I run the Abusive Hosts Blocking List — its a spam fighting service that provides lists of questionable/dangerous/spammy IP addresses. Today, we had a contact from a Christian group, specifically a faith-based ad network that targets Christian families and values. They wanted to use the AHBL data on their [Read More...]

Ask Richard: One Spouse Became an Atheist After a Few Years of Marriage

Dear Richard, Over the last few years my beliefs have changed drastically from fundamentalist Christian (since childhood) to staunch atheist. There came a certain point in which I finally shed my fear-based beliefs and overcame my indoctrination to religion and embraced rational and free thought. It was a painful internal struggle but I felt relieved [Read More...]