Ask Richard: Her Catholic Boyfriend is Uncomfortable Discussing Her Atheism

Dear Richard, Okay, I had to take the bait when I read your blog post. I am an atheist, and my boyfriend (who I live with) is Catholic. Normally, it is not an issue. He is not a devout Catholic, he never wants to go to mass, he doesn’t pray, he even told me he’s [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Perplexed by Irrational Religious Explanations for a Suicide

Richard, I would like your advice on the following: I’m an atheist, my wife is a fairly liberal cafeteria christian. Recently her good friend, an evangelical christian, committed suicide. No note was left, no reasons were given. At the funeral, 3 of the speakers blamed her death on “Satan” as his evil thoughts caused her [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Feeling Awkward When Given Religious Books

Hi, Richard. I have a lot of Christian friends who ask me to read their religious books – some fiction and others (pseudo)scientific or evangelical in nature. I feel very pressured culturally to take these books as it would be quite rude to refuse. The problem arises when it’s time to return the book and [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Tried to Stop an Anti-Religious Rant Among Friends

Dear Richard, I recently found myself in an awkward, social situation. I was sitting in a public place with a small group of people who all knew each other, at least well enough to match names to faces. Some around the table were theists and some were not. One person mentioned a news story about [Read More...]