Atheist Rapper Ensomniak‚Äôs Latest Song: “Ain’t The Way”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song. It’s called “Ain’t The Way” and riffs on Stevie Wonder‘s song “Superstitious.”


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This View of Life: An Anthem to Evolution

Baba Brinkman, the songwriter behind The Rap Guide to Religion, just released a video called “T.V.O.L. (This View of Life)” and the wordplay is phenomenal.


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The Six Rules That Define “Secular Hymns”

Do secular hymns exist? A researcher has identified six criteria to define non-religious music that people connect with on a spiritual level.


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Israeli Student Receives Death Threats Over Art Project Wrongly Believed to be Criticizing Islam

An Israeli student from the University of Haifa is mired in controversy as people debate whether a piece of art she created for class went too far in unintentionally offending Muslim students.


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Ray Comfort Says His Movie About Atheism Got an Honor from a Science-Themed Film Festival

A press release from evangelist Ray Comfort makes it sound like his film The Atheist Delusion received a major accolade from a science-themed film festival.


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