This Irish Film is About a Young Atheist Who Challenges Religious Authorities

Who needed Star Wars, anyway?

Here’s the movie you really want to see. It’s a (very) short Irish-language film about an eight-year-old atheist who challenges religious authorities and — does it really matter what else? That’s worth the price of a ticket already.

The movie is called Rúbaí:

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Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Plagiarism”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song!

It’s called “Plagiarism” and it’s all about how the story of Jesus is hardly an original one. You can see a sample of the lyrics below.

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A Lovely Cover of Tim Minchin’s “White Wine in the Sun”

Is there any way to make Tim Minchin‘s “White Wine in the Sun” an even more beautiful song?

Maybe not, but Shelley Segal gets pretty damn close in this cover:

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Richard Dawkins Appears Onstage During Sold-Out Nightwish Concert

Earlier this year, the Finland-based symphonic metal band Nightwish released their new album, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the work of Richard Dawkins. Dawkins actually appeared on the album as a narrator for two of the songs.

At a sold out concert in London’s Wembley Arena Friday night, Dawkins was brought onstage to do a brief reading — and the crowd went wild:

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Religion Evolves: The Music Video

Baba Brinkman, the brilliant songwriter who released The Rap Guide to Religion earlier this year, just released the video for his song “Religion Evolves.”

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