BYU-Idaho Art Student Fails Assignment for Daring to Photograph a Woman’s Bare Shoulders

Waverly Giles, an Idaho art student who attends a college affiliated with Brigham Young University, didn’t receive a grade on a recent project because her professor couldn’t handle the bare shoulders of the woman in her photographs.


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Let a Handcrafted Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament Adorn Your Tree This Winter

With Thanksgiving just a day away, it’ll soon be time to put up that Christmas tree, and no tree is complete without a Flying Spaghetti Monster ornament!


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Spanish Judge Rules in Favor of Artist Who Spelled “Pederasty” with Consecrated Communion Wafers

I don’t claim to know what qualifies as good art, but I do know that Abel Azcona‘s latest piece shouldn’t result in a fine or jail time.


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This is the Least Inspiring Pro-Trump Song You’ll Hear This Election Season

Hillary Clinton has Jay Z and Beyoncé on her side before the election.

Donald Trump has Izzy, “an eleven-year-old homeschooled student” who created this memorable song:


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New Free Album Encourages Atheists to “Stand Up” and Be Counted

Artist Chris Beckstrom recently put out a music video encouraging atheists to come out of the closet and be counted. He just released the full album featuring this song.


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