An Atheist Rock Song for Those on the Fence About Their Faith

Peter D’Angelo, a composer who normally creates music for TV and film, put together this nifty atheist-friendly rock anthem. Sounds amazing and the lyrics are unlike anything you’ll ever hear on the radio:

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The Trailer for Ray Comfort’s New Anti-Gay Movie is Now Online

Following his 2011 anti-abortion movie and his 2013 anti-evolution movie, Christian apologist Ray Comfort raised $332,000 for his new anti-homosexuality film project. (Which makes sense, I guess, for a guy best known for his banana video.)

The trailer for that movie, Audacity, is now online:

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After Being Selected for an Interview with God, Ike Has to Deliver an Important Message

When God selects random-typical-guy Ike Simmons for a one-on-one conversation, not even Ike understands why he was chosen. But God has a special message for him to deliver…

It’s all part of this short film by Eli Shapiro:

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Christian Girl Recites Slam Poetry All About Why We Need More Jesus in America

In the freakiest spoken word poetry you’ll ever hear, listen to a student talk about the need for God in America at the 2015 Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) International Convention in New Mexico:

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God is Not a Fan of Your Sports Team Unless…

In a scene from An Act of God — opening tonight on Broadway — actor Jim Parsons channels God to explain how He works when it comes to sports:

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