Ohio School Ends Tradition of Singing “The Lord’s Prayer” at Graduation, and Christians Are Furious

I realize there’s some debate over what can and can’t be sung at public high school events, but a “musical rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer'” should make anyone‘s list of obviously-promoting-Christianity-and-therefore-illegal music. It’s not an instrumental ode to God. It’s not a classic song that has withstood the test of time. It’s just a song you’d expect to hear in a megachurch on a Sunday morning.


Who would argue otherwise?

Todd Starnes of Fox News, that’s who.

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A New Documentary Will Investigate the Social Stigma and Civil Rights Aspects of Atheism

Filmmaker Micael Langer is working on a documentary exploring how tough it is to be an atheist in this world. That means looking at the stigma against us, as well as how atheists are responding to it all.

His film is called Godless and you’ll want to watch this trailer straight through. Regular readers of this site will recognize a lot of the interviewees (not to mention a lot of the disturbing clips):


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“Dr. Banjo” Pete Wernick Comes Out as Openly Secular

When I think of bluegrass music and banjos, the New Atheists don’t exactly come to mind. But musician Pete Wernick, known as “Dr. Banjo,” just made a video for the Openly Secular campaign in which he talks about how he stopped believing in an “invisible father figure” when he was a teenager:


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The Legacy of Prince’s Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs, As Explained by a Former Believer

Lloyd Evans, who was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and now speaks out against them, ran through a number of clips of Prince speaking about his JW faith.

Evans gives a little more background and details about what Prince is really saying, how messed up it all is, and why many current JWs may not be able to relate to the icon.


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After Complaints, Rutgers Art Library Removes Artwork Featuring a Crucified Jesus on a Dartboard

A piece of artwork depicting a crucified Jesus hanging on a dartboard was removed from the Rutgers Art Library yesterday after Christian students began complaining about it. To be sure, this wasn’t a “live” board that people could throw actual darts at, but no matter.


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