Support Songs for Nonbelievers

Cynthia Carle is a singer/songwriter who’s working on an album called Songs For Nonbelievers. (The title is pretty self-explanatory.) Cynthia needs some help, though, so she’s raising funds on Kickstarter. Need some motivation to donate? Listen to the lyrics in one of the album’s first tracks, “Sunday in Reality”: She has no invisible means of [Read More…]

And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be a Creationist

As if you needed another reason to fight against Creationism, I bring you the Flizbins: If you can make it to the 1:16 mark, you get to hear Christian Rapping… If you make it to the end, you deserve a cookie. By the way, that’s a real song from a real album by a real [Read More…]

When Good and Bad Things Happen in the Bible

OpenBible produced this “Sentiment Analysis of the Bible” visualization. Black means something positive is happening while red represents something bad: Things start off well with creation, turn negative with Job and the patriarchs, improve again with Moses, dip with the period of the judges, recover with David, and have a mixed record (especially negative when [Read More…]

If You Read It Closely…

I love this design by Niels Shoe Meulman: Can we get that up in a church somewhere…? Maybe the leaders won’t notice. (via Reddit) [Read more…]

An Atheist Photo Mosaic

Aaron Baldwin at Activate the Mechanism asked his Tumblr followers to send him their pictures and he turned it into this beautiful atheist photo mosaic (You’re going to want to click on the image to enlarge it.) What a cool version of the American Atheists logo! [Read more…]