Not the Cover You Would Expect

Kurt Westergaard is the Danish cartoonist responsible for this not-at-all-controversial drawing: His autobiography, Manden Bag Stregen (“The Man Behind the Line”), is coming out this November, but that iconic picture won’t be on the cover. Instead, you’ll see this: That image is the “farewell drawing in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper when he retired earlier this year.” [Read More…]

Nuts and Bolts: An Illusion by Jerry Andrus

Jerry Andrus was an American magician who created a lot of terrific optical illusions in his day. I met a guy named Rex Young at The Amazing Meeting 8 who demonstrated a few of Andrus’ illusions to me. This one in particular was really amazing to look at: For more videos and illusions like this, [Read More…]

Support the Damsels

The Damsels of Dorkington — the group behind the I Kissed a Nerd video — are doing a 12-hour webcam-o-thon today from noon till midnight (CST). They’re hoping to raise money for some of their publicity material (shirts, buttons, artwork, etc). Even if you can’t donate, they’re an entertaining group of people and they’d love [Read More…]

You Don’t Need God to be Good

You know those Christians who preach love by showing off their bigotry? The kind of people who fight against tolerance for gay people? The ones who demonize everyone who doesn’t worship the same god they do? One PostSecret reader discovered that by letting go of god, it’s possible to become a more decent human being: [Read more…]

Fuji Minx Video Gets Banned from YouTube

YouTube has once again censored a video without a good explanation. It sounds to me like a few people were offended by the content and wanted to make sure no one else could see it either. This time, the victim is the video for the song “The Music Made Me Do it” by the band [Read More…]