There Are No Atheists in Foxholes: The Song

Normally when I hear the name Regina Spektor, I think “my gorgeous future wife.” Maybe I have to reconsider the wife part. Her new album, Far, is being released today. The first single is called “Laughing With” and it is essentially saying that we may scoff at the notion of God, but when we’re put [Read More...]

Thomas Kinkade: Born-Again Christian Artist Convicted of Fraud

Thomas Kinkade (a.k.a. “Painter of Light”) is a born-again Christian artist whose prints appear everywhere. He runs the Thomas Kinkade Co. He just lost a big court case because of shady business dealings — he now owes $2,100,000 — but notice how he manipulated the other side (Kinkade Signature Gallery owners): At a week-long presentation [Read More...]

Atheists Take Over The Sims 3

Damn. The SimHemant in The Sims 3 is one studly mofo: Jen also made SimPZ and SimRichardDawkins… and we’re all living in a house together… and she gets to watch each of us shower (with naughty parts blurred out). You know, if you want to see me in the shower that badly, you should just [Read More...]

The Church-State Walls Breaks Down

Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader explains the breakdown of the wall of separation between church and state: [Read more...]

The OUT Campaign Jigsaw Puzzle

I love this picture, courtesy of brexians: What it really needs is a good promotional caption. Something like “The OUT Campaign: We need all of you to come out to complete the atheist tapestry.” Or something far less cheesy. You get the idea. Who are the marketing gurus out there? What can you come up [Read More...]