The OUT Campaign Jigsaw Puzzle

I love this picture, courtesy of brexians: What it really needs is a good promotional caption. Something like “The OUT Campaign: We need all of you to come out to complete the atheist tapestry.” Or something far less cheesy. You get the idea. Who are the marketing gurus out there? What can you come up [Read More...]

New Chick Tract: Black Man Sells His Soul

When a new Chick Track pops up and I see that it features black people, I cringe in advance… This one doesn’t fail to disappoint. It’s about young Denzel who would do anything — anything — to become a great basketball player. His dad’s a preacher and his brother was killed in a drive-by. Thank [Read More...]

Atheist Film Festival to Be Held in San Francisco

***Update***: Dave Fitzgerald, the co-founder of this festival, posted an important comment regarding the date of this festival. Check it out. … I’m excited and happy. Excited because there’s an Atheist Film Festival taking place in San Francisco next month! They’re not all original movies; just movies that atheists would enjoy. I’m also happy that [Read More...]

Will the Evangelical Vote Decide the American Idol Winner?

I haven’t been watching American Idol this season, which I think puts me in another minority group. But with the finale coming up tonight, it’s interesting to point out that the two people in the finals are a gay rocker (Adam Lambert) and an Evangelical Christian worship leader (Kris Allen). They get along amazingly well [Read More...]

Do Atheists Enjoy Any Religious Music?

Reader Stephan recently came across an old album of his by Ben Harper called Fight For Your Mind. When looking at the tracks on the CD, he noticed that one of the songs, “Power of the Gospel,” was one he still really liked: I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that song from my old [Read More...]