Which is Worse?

According to a submission at PostSecret today, it’s harder to come out as an atheist than as a gay person when you have Christian parents… As someone who’s not gay (and who doesn’t have Christian parents), I don’t think I’m qualified to say which is tougher. But for the gaytheists out there, which was harder [Read More…]

Draw Muhammad Day 2: A Compilation

When people hear about Everybody Draw Muhammad Day, they want to know: Why do it? Why be jerks about it? Why are you all intolerant of Islam? Why be dicks when you can be friendly? And my response really hasn’t changed from last year. We do it because we have a right to free speech, [Read More…]

Still Accepting Muhammads…

I know, I know… Last week, I said it was the deadline for sending me your drawings of Muhammad for Friday’s Draw Muhammad Day sequel. So many of you sent me amazing entries, though… The count is currently 44 drawings of Muhammad. It’s seriously incredible. I get the feeling there are more of you who [Read More…]

Last Call for Mo’ Muhammads

I’m getting a lot of fantastic Muhammad drawings for next week’s Draw Muhammad Day sequel But I want more! We have to find a way to top last year. What’s a good drawing? Anything. Draw a stick figures, draw some beautiful art, draw a cartoon, draw something offensive or non-offensive (though I’d prefer the latter). [Read More…]

A Few New Atheist Posters

Rose Schwartz at The Jewmanist has been making some sweet-looking posters of notable quotations along with their atheist authors. A few examples are below: Faith is the surrender of the mind; it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other mammals. It’s our need to believe, [Read More…]