Tim Minchin: The Good Book

Tim Minchin sings a lovely little song about the Bible Your Christian friends may want to leave the room… [Read more…]

Draw Me a Muhammad

Next Thursday is Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. As I’ve written a few times this past week, I support this. I stand behind the college students who have been courageous enough to do this over the past couple weeks. No doubt this event is divisive, though. If you’re thinking about chalking Muhammad on your own campus, [Read More…]

First Aid Kit: Hard Believer

First Aid Kit is a Swedish indie band consisting of Klara & Johanna Söderberg. I’d never heard of them until reader Andy sent me one of their videos: Gotta love lyrics like these: Well I see you’ve got your bible Your delusion imagery Well I don’t need your eternity Or your meaning to feel free [Read More…]

Update on Wisconsin College Atheist Group Drawing Muhammad on Campus

Yesterday, I mentioned that members of the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics group at the University of Wisconsin – Madison were going to draw stick figure images of Muhammad on their campus to stand up for their free speech rights. The Muslim Student Association was not happy with this and said they would contact the Dean [Read More…]

Stained Glass Flying Spaghetti Monster

I have a newfound appreciated for stained-glass windows: It was created by artist Sarah Pierce. I don’t know where it’s located, but if someone tells me, I’ll go worship there from now on. [Read more…]