Can an Atheist Forgive People After They Die?

On PostSecret this past weekend, the following card appeared: One reader wrote in to say: I didn’t forgive him for his sake, but to set myself free. And it worked. How would you get over something as tragic as that? (Thanks to Greta Christina for the link) [Read more…]

8: The Mormon Proposition

Watch the trailer for this new movie and try not to get angry: The movie is “8: The Mormon Proposition” and it’s playing in select cities over the next few weeks. Looks like one worth checking out if you get a chance. (Thanks to Katie for the link!) [Read more…]

Just Revealed: The Cover of Sam Harris’ New Book

The cover for Sam Harris‘ new book has just been revealed: Nice. Plain. Powerful. If this were a Christian book, we’d see Harris’ face right there on the cover… In any case, it’s better than the Christopher Hitchens yellow-themed books, I say. The Moral Landscape will be published October 5th. [Read more…]

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers sing about atheism. I laughed (Thanks to Shannon for the link!) [Read more…]

Muslim and Lesbian

I have no idea what I’d say to this woman if I met her… It’s easy to say you have to either suppress your sexuality or lose your faith. But neither one is easy or she would’ve done it already. It’s the same dilemma as being a gay Christian. Where do you go from there? [Read More…]