Mimes for Jesus

You know what you don’t see nearly enough of these days? Mimes for Jesus: Wait. It gets better. Check out the flash intro to their website. Laugh if you want. Given the choice between those guys and a street preacher, I’m going with the mimes. By the way, if you want to book them for [Read More...]

The Origins of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Guess what this is? It’s not just any random picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and His domain. It’s the original conception. Prophet Bobby Henderson recently found it among his things: I found *the* original drawing. It was in a box in my car, where I keep all my most valuable things. The Smithsonian people [Read More...]

I Knew She Was An Atheist…

Inspector Gadget‘s niece Penny was always the smart one in the cartoon series. In saejinoh‘s drawing of her, is anyone surprised by her reading material? This prompted reader Joe to ask the question: What other cartoon characters are likely to be atheists? We got Brian from Family Guy. Lisa Simpson is a Buddhist, but that’s [Read More...]

I Don’t Mind The Lego Jesus…

But in light of recent church sex scandals, is this really the best picture they could have taken? The actual article doesn’t help put dirty minds to rest, either: It took the 40 volunteers about 18 months to put all the tiny plastic blocks together, and their creation shows a standing Jesus facing forward with [Read More...]

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 4

Flickr user jaynedemarco is back with more of her nifty artwork. The theme is: “This is what an atheist looks like.” Previous editions can be found here, here and here. Among the new additions: Janeane Garofalo: Lance Armstrong: James Randi: You can see the entire collection here. (via Jayne DeMarco) [Read more...]