An Atheist Rock Song by Burn the Rez

Here’s something we don’t hear every day: A rock song about atheism.

The band is Rhode-Island based Burn The Rez and the song is called “Dark Age“:

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One with the Flora & Fauna

SkeptiSketch‘s latest video takes an awkwardly-worded, downright-weird question asked of Neil deGrasse Tyson at one of his talks, and the fabulous response given by Tyson, and puts it all together with a stunning visual:

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Kickstarting a Professional Cast Recording of a Humanist Musical

Just over a year ago, I posted about a new musical called “Bang!”

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A Rap in Honor of Darwin Day

Baba Brinkman, the man behind the “Rap Guide to Evolution,” created this fantastic song in honor of Darwin Day. I’m a couple of days late to post it but it deserves a wider audience!

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Stage Comedian Behind ‘Come Heckle Christ’ Faces Censorship Demands From Australian Christians

In a little over two weeks, Josh Ladgrove will take the stage at Adelaide Fringe, an annual open-access arts festival, and piss off tons of people who aren’t even there. In fact, he’s already started doing just that. That’s because the Melbourne comedian, who bears a passing resemblance to Western depictions of Jesus Christ, is scheduled to perform three shows in which he appears before the audience dressed as the Savior and sticky-taped to a cardboard crucifix.

Then, he invites audience members to heckle him on any subject, never knowing where those who oblige will direct him with their taunts and insults.

The title of the always-changing performance? Come Heckle Christ.

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