Florida School District Will Consider New Advertising Policy to Block Satanist’s Sign

Satanic activist Chaz Stevens has spent months trying to put his church’s sign up alongside ads for other religious groups at Florida’s Boca Raton High School. The administrators wouldn’t do it… and now they’re changing the rules so they can legally say no to him.


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FFRF to Donald Trump in Full-Page New York Times Ad: “We Are Not a Nation of Believers”

Donald Trump is going to be infuriated by this ad… if he ever decides to open up a newspaper.


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Billboard Comparing Witch Doctors to Evolution Deniers Goes Up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Science denial is a big problem. Without it, how would doctors stop my eyes from bleeding after staring at this sign?


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Chicago is Home Once Again to an Atheist Display Countering a Catholic Group’s Giant Jesus Sign

For the fourth straight year, downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza is home to a couple of 8-foot-tall banners promoting separation of church and state:


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“The Only Wall We Need Is Between Church and State,” Reads Digital Billboard in Times Square

A 10-second digital ad from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, reading “The only wall we need is between church and state,” can now be seen in New York City’s Times Square.


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