Seattle Atheists Get Display in Olympia, Washington

This year, no religious or atheistic displays will be allowed inside the Olympia, Washington capitol building… but displays are allowed on the grounds outside the building. Including this one from Seattle Atheists: In this holiday season, let us remember that kindness, charity and goodwill transcend belief, creed or religion. Assuming the child is part of [Read More…]

No More Atheist Bus Ads in Barcelona

Earlier this year, atheist bus ads went up in Barcelona, Spain, thanks to the country’s Union of Atheists and Freethinkers. It’s a good thing they got the ads in then. Because they won’t be able to do it anymore. Promedios, the company in charge of the advertising, has decided to ban all ads causing “social [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… New Zealand?

The New Zealand Atheist Bus Campaign wanted to raise $10,000 to put the classic ads on NZ buses — they surpassed that goal in 48 hours. Looks like these will soon be seen in the Land of the Kiwi: The campaign was launched here yesterday. New Zealand Atheist Bus Campaign spokesman Simon Fisher said it [Read More…]

Why Do Atheists Loathe the Baby Jesus? He’s Just a Baby

Bill O’Reilly actually said that on his show the other night. He also asked: “How do you sell atheism by running down a baby?” Normally, running down babies is right up my alley, but I really don’t get it in this case. Here’s the American Humanist Association ad that’s getting O’Reilly and his panel all [Read More…]

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Oklahoma and Baltimore

The Tulsa Coalition of Reason has a billboard going up this week! … Meanwhile, the new billboard in Baltimore is getting quite a bit of press: Keep up the good work, CORs! [Read more…]