Atheist Billboards Go Up in Oklahoma and Baltimore

The Tulsa Coalition of Reason has a billboard going up this week! … Meanwhile, the new billboard in Baltimore is getting quite a bit of press: Keep up the good work, CORs! [Read more…]

Atheists Are Not Trying to Ruin Christmas for You

Marcia Segelstein knows that atheists are trying to ruin Christmas for everybody. Her proof? The billboards! Atheists are at it again this year, plastering billboards and the sides of buses in cities across the country with their very own sayings of the season. “No god? . . . No problem!” “Be good for goodness’ sake.” [Read More…]

Atheism Inherently Offends

by Jesse Galef I don’t often disagree with Herb Silverman but it does happen on occasion. The man is a constant source of clever phrases, inspiring ideas, and good humor. But there’s a reason I stopped quoting him where I did in my earlier post about the American Humanist Association’s new ad campaign. In his [Read More…]

New Atheist Ad Design is NOT Anti-Christmas. Really.

by Jesse Galef Our atheist billboards and bus ads have appeared all over the place, but there’s a certain repetition to the designs.  In case you wanted something new, your non-prayers have been answered: the American Humanist Association is sponsoring a new nation-wide campaign with the words “No God? …No problem! Be good for goodness’ [Read More…]

The Kids in the “Don’t Label Me” Ads Are Not Evangelicals

These bus ads from the British Humanist Association have been getting a lot of media attention this week: The point of the campaign is to point out how absurd it is to thrust a label — any label — onto a child who doesn’t even understand what that label means. It would be foolish to [Read More…]