San Diego Gets an Atheist Billboard

San Diego is the latest city to put up an atheist billboard, courtesy of the United Coalition of Reason: They’re already getting some great publicity for it and local CoR coordinator Debbie Allen Skomer is doing a terrific job of explaining the group’s reason for putting up the sign. You can see her in this [Read More…]

Graffiti on a Boston Atheist Ad

I don’t even understand this recent vandalism of a Boston Coalition of Reason advertisement. They crossed out the “out” in “without” — that’s been done before — but why bother putting the words “Are you” in front? That’s just redundant. (Anyway, the answer is no.) And nice job crossing out the group’s website. Now, no [Read More…]

The Best Quotation You’ll Hear All Day

Someone at UPI has a sense of humor. When reporting on the threats that resulted in Lamar advertising moving the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard, the article first quotes the CinCoR coordinator: “Everything that has happened shows just how vital our message is,” Shawn Jeffers, co-coordinator for the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason, said. “It proves [Read More…]

Chicago Atheist Billboard Protested by Satirical Comedy Group

The Chicago Coalition of Reason billboard hasn’t evoked the same outrage as similar billboards have done in other areas. But that didn’t stop members of the (comedy group) Best* Church of God from protesting the sign! The pics, courtesy of, are part of an article about the billboard by Nancy Duke. I like the [Read More…]

Cincinnati Coalition of Reason Billboard Taken Down (and Put Back Up) After Threat

Two days ago, the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason billboard went up: Wait… what’s that? A crane? Yep. They took it down this morning. Around 2:00 PM yesterday, the United Coalition of Reason, which paid $3,875.00 for a one-month run of the billboard, was contacted byLamar Advertising of Cincinnati. Lamar reported that the landowner of the [Read More…]