Atheist Bus Ad in Croatia Taken Down After One Day

The atheist tram campaign (trampaign?) in Zagreb, Croatia was up… and down, all within one day. The ad read “No Gods, No Masters.” Reader Enola was kinda enough to translate this article and give it some context. Here’s Enola’s translation: ZAGREB – “Without God, without a master” is Croatian Women’s Network’s slogan which was supposed [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Ads in… Croatia?

The posters would read, “No Gods, No Masters” and they would go up on trams in Zagreb, Croatia. … Bojana Genov said today (Tues) she was very optimistic and believed the posters would soon be on Zagreb trams. Similar posters have already been seen in Spain, the UK and Italy. The Croatian Catholic Church has [Read More…]

Iowan Refuses to Drive Bus with Atheist Ad On It

My school district is huge. So huge that, when the year begins, we hold a district-wide meeting at a local megachurch, because it’s really the only place where we can comfortably fit everybody. I understand why we do it and, to their credit, the church has always gone out of their way to keep their [Read More…]

Aftermath of the Iowa Atheist Bus Ads

The Iowa Atheist Bus Campaign went up, down, and back up again. What did we learn from all this? For one, the ads are great for business. It helps the advertising companies: Since [the Iowa ads went back up], DART has received at least five calls from potential new advertisers, said Kirsten Baer-Harding, DART advertising [Read More…]

Derek Rodgers Saved By His Noodliness

You may have already heard that atheist Derek Rodgers was expelled from the Creation Museum after wearing a shirt reading the bus campaign slogan, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” The words “No God” were large, front and center. (pic via Young Australian Skeptics) Derek was told by museum staff [Read More…]