Atheist Advertisement in a Coffee Shop

The upside to an atheist bus ad or billboard is that it advertises to the masses — If a ton of people see it, odds are a handful of them will be your target audience. The thinking is that a handful of atheists might see your sign, realize they’re not alone, and perhaps even join [Read More…]

Those Offensive Atheist Billboards

I’ve said it before: Even if the billboards just said the word “ATHEISM,” religious nuts would get upset. It’s a no-win situation if atheists are trying to make peace with certain Christians. But the ads evoke outrage in some areas. The ads get media coverage. All of it helps let other atheists know they’re not [Read More…]

Atheist Billboard to Go Up in Nashville

On November 1st, a group called Secular Life will be putting their own billboard up in Nashville, Tennessee: Like other billboards, the main purpose of this one is to let other atheists know they’re not alone and that there are others like them in the area. Thaddeus Schwartz, the founder of Secular Life, had this [Read More…]

Happy Atheist Bus Campaign Anniversary

How many atheist bus ads and billboards can you name? I lost count a hell of a long time ago. It seems like they’ve been around for a while, right? Nope. It has only been a year. Precisely a year, in fact. I was amazed to find that out. At this time last year, atheist [Read More…]

The Front Page of!

Check it out! The Chicago Coalition of Reason billboard is making news! The link currently goes to a blog piece, but I’m told a longer article will be in the print edition on Thursday. The link may be changed in the morning. (Take that, Big Apple Coalition of Reason!) [Read more…]