Atheist Bus (Stop) Campaign

Cute. Very cute… (via A work in progress) [Read more...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #39: Future Atheist Ads

Last time, I ran this contest: The atheist bus ads are now in full force over in England. It begs the question: Where else will we be seeing ads about atheism in the future? Here are the Top 5 answers (with submitters): 5| On milk cartons. (Hemant’s note: I assume they would say: “God is [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Campaign: The Tube Cards

I haven’t seen these blogged about much so I figured I’d put them up here. They are the tube cards that are plastered on buses all across London as part of the Atheist Bus campaign. Awesome [Read more...]

If Atheist and Christian Buses Collided… (Part 2)

Reader Anne Photoshopped the pic from last week to let the atheist bus take charge! Are your captions any different now…? [Read more...]

British MPs Try to Ban Atheist Bus Ads

The good news is that this doesn’t look like it will get very far. The bad news is that this is actual legislation in Parliament. [Note: It's not legislation. Sorry. It's just a way of MPs to express their opinions. Thanks to those who pointed that out.] Last week, MP Gregory Campbell put on the [Read More...]