Are These Atheist Bus Ads Offensive, too?

There have been plenty of people in the news throwing hissy fits after seeing atheist bus ads like this one: Most recently, Iowan Angela Shiel was suspended from her job because refused to drive a bus with those ads on the side (she’s back to work now). Reader Peter wonders if other ads would evoke [Read More…]

Suspended Iowa Bus Driver Back at Work Today

The point of atheist bus ads is not to make anyone angry. It’s to provoke discussions about a subject many people find uncomfortable and let closeted atheists know that they are not alone. Last week, Iowa bus driver Angela Shiel refused to do her job because there was an atheist ad on her vehicle and [Read More…]

A Grammatically Incorrect Response to the Iowa Atheist Bus Campaign

I realize there are some Christians who are not fans of the atheist bus ads in Iowa. I realize that some religious people think they’re clever by saying “we don’t believe in atheists” in response to atheists saying “we don’t believe in a god”… even though that first statement makes no sense. I realize that, [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Ad in Croatia Taken Down After One Day

The atheist tram campaign (trampaign?) in Zagreb, Croatia was up… and down, all within one day. The ad read “No Gods, No Masters.” Reader Enola was kinda enough to translate this article and give it some context. Here’s Enola’s translation: ZAGREB – “Without God, without a master” is Croatian Women’s Network’s slogan which was supposed [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Ads in… Croatia?

The posters would read, “No Gods, No Masters” and they would go up on trams in Zagreb, Croatia. … Bojana Genov said today (Tues) she was very optimistic and believed the posters would soon be on Zagreb trams. Similar posters have already been seen in Spain, the UK and Italy. The Croatian Catholic Church has [Read More…]