Atheist Bus Campaign in… Iowa!

The Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers (IAF) and the United Coalition of Reason have put the following ad on the sides of 20 buses in Des Moines: Obviously, it’s reaching out to current atheists rather than tearing down religion. I-A-F spokesperson Lily Kryuchkov says the purpose of the ads is to simply raise awareness of the [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Ads in Chicago Countered by Christians

This past May and June, 25 buses in Chicago ran the following ad, courtesy of the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign: It didn’t receive the level of publicity we’ve seen with other atheist bus ads, but still, it was nice to get the message out there. Now, the New Life Covenant Oakwood Church is countering with [Read More…]

Typical Reactions to Atheist Ads

Can you imagine the uproar if atheists dared to put up a billboard similar to that of Answers in Genesis…: (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]

They Rejected an Atheist Ad for Being “Offensive”… But They Allow This?

Lamar Advertising recently rejected this FFRF billboard in Alabama: Here’s what the general manager of the company said at the time: “It was offensive to me,” said Tom Traylor, general manager of Lamar Advertising in Birmingham. “We have the autonomy to decide what’s in the best interests of our company and what’s offensive. I don’t [Read More…]

Indiana Atheist Appears on Fox & Friends

Atheist Eoban Binder appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign’s recent victory! Eoban handled himself well, especially considering I wanted to scream when either Steve Doocy or Pastor Tony Taylor said anything. Recall the ad in question: What was Taylor’s response to it? “I feel it’s an [Read More…]