Indiana Atheist Appears on Fox & Friends

Atheist Eoban Binder appeared on Fox & Friends this morning to talk about the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign’s recent victory! Eoban handled himself well, especially considering I wanted to scream when either Steve Doocy or Pastor Tony Taylor said anything. Recall the ad in question: What was Taylor’s response to it? “I feel it’s an [Read More…]

Indiana Atheists Win Lawsuit Over Bus Ads

Some good news from the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign! A couple months ago, atheists paid to have this ad put on buses in Bloomington, Indiana: After paying for it, Transpo Bloomington Transit (the bus company) decided the ad was “too controversial” and never placed the ad on buses. A lawsuit was filed. Today, the atheists [Read More…]

A Simple Atheist Bus Ad Gets Lots of Publicity

The New York City Atheists have had this ad running on Manhattan buses for the past month: I love the ad because if you get offended by it, then really, you’re the problem. The publicity continues with Clyde Haberman‘s article in The New York Times: The message, in white lettering on a sky-blue background, is [Read More…]

Atheist Billboard in Alabama Makes Christians Angry

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been putting this billboard up across the country: The “Imagine No Religion” is hardly offensive… it doesn’t attack or mock a particular faith. It merely suggests the thought of life without religion using the words of John Lennon. But when the Alabama Freethought Association helped put that billboard up [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Last time we heard of the Atheist Bus Campaign in Halifax, Nova Scotia, atheists had their ad rejected for being too controversial. The ad in question read: You can be good without God After a recent Supreme Court decision, Metro Transit is now revising their policies. Here’s Chris Hammond of the Canadian Atheist Bus Campaign: [Read More…]