Indiana Bus Company Rejects Atheist Ad

Here’s the ad that atheists in Indiana wanted to put on buses: I think it’s very uplifting. It says that morals are not synonymous with religious faith. It invites those who agree to check out the website. The bus campaign folks submitted the proposed ad to Crosstown Communications (an advertising group) who forwarded the proposal [Read More…]

Is That Really the Phone Number?

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign is picking up speed. They have the ad ready to go and a slow but steady influx of donations (they’ve raised $7500, with $1000 coming just in the past few days). They also applied to get a phone number — that way, people interested in learning more about atheism because [Read More…]

The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

Ariane Sherine, the woman behind the original Atheist Bus Campaign (and my future wife if I get a say in the matter), has signed on to write The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas: Sherine, a comedy writer and Guardian journalist, gathered 42 prominent atheist writers, scientists and comedians to contribute to the book, including Richard Dawkins, [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Campaign Launches in Indiana

You can help put pro-atheism advertising on buses in a state that could really use it. The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign has officially launched! If you’d like to donate to make this a reality, you can do so here. A note: this is just a handful of people making this happen. Anyone can do it [Read More…]

An Atheist Bus Birthday Cake

Personally, it would’ve been funnier if the last word was “party”… but I’ll eat this nonetheless. The cake was made by Seanna Watson of the Humanist Association of Ottawa. (via Atheist Bus Canada) [Read more…]