Ideas for Religious Bus Ads?

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign ads, Ryan North and his dinosaurs offer a few suggestions for religious responses: Incidentally, the title of the strip is: where are the hindus with their “there’s probably many gods. now stop worrying and enjoy your lives.” buses? WHERE?? Would you like to suggest any other potential religious [Read More…]

God Has Stopped Riding the Bus

Even Time magazine is reporting on the atheist bus campaign in Chicago (and beyond). It’s not an opinion piece; it’s just giving background on the bus campaign and what supporters hope to accomplish: The aim, [American Humanist Association executive director Roy] Speckhardt says, “is to attract the interest of those who already believe as we [Read More…]

Blocked Atheist Bus Ad Website

I was sitting in my classroom yesterday while my students were taking a quiz. I wanted to look up something on the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign website (I’m still pumped they’re running ads on Chicago buses). This is what I saw when I went to their website: My school has the site blocked because of [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… Chicago!

***Update***: There are 25 buses with the ads. They will be up through June. … Finally! Atheist bus ads come to my city of of Chicago, thanks to a private donor who gave money to the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign. What will the ads look like? A simple and true statement, yet powerful enough to [Read More…]

13-Year-Old Canadian Offended by Atheist Bus Ads

There are atheist bus ads currently running in Ottawa, Canada stating: “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Writing a letter in the Ottawa Citizen, 13-year-old Mallory Skinner can’t understand why anyone would want to publicly say such things: Atheists don’t believe in any sort of God, and don’t follow any [Read More…]