The Enjoy Your Life Campaign

Phase 1 of the Atheist Bus Campaign was letting the world know we’re here (and we have impressive numbers!). Phase 2 could be considered letting the world know we can be good without a god — and it’s courtesy of the Freethought Association of Canada: The Freethought Association of Canada will be looking for donations [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Campaign in… South Bend!

Just as Catholics are protesting Barack Obama‘s visit to Notre Dame next weekend, atheists are making their move. When the 48 buses of the Transpo fleet hit the South Bend, Indiana streets at 5:00 a.m. today, atheist ads will grace 20 of them. In other words, if you ride the bus in South Bend, chances [Read More…]

Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign in News

I mentioned last week that the Indiana Atheist Bus campaign hit a snag when they city rejected their ad for being “too controversial” (which is another way of saying “you’re atheists, so forget it”). A local news channel did a report on it: There’s a girl in the segment saying, “You can’t be good without [Read More…]

Atheist Bust Campaign

I don’t know how this idea originated… but I like it! The Atheist Bust Campaign: But who should be the model…? (And did I just open up a can of worms?) (That mockup is by Flickr user Krypto.) [Read more…]

Indiana Bus Company Rejects Atheist Ad

Here’s the ad that atheists in Indiana wanted to put on buses: I think it’s very uplifting. It says that morals are not synonymous with religious faith. It invites those who agree to check out the website. The bus campaign folks submitted the proposed ad to Crosstown Communications (an advertising group) who forwarded the proposal [Read More…]