How I Wish More Christians Would Respond

Here’s an encouraging story from the Las Vegas Emergent Cohort leader about one Christian high school student’s response to the atheist bus ads. It starts: I recently read an article in the New York Times that explained how Atheists in Britain, with the strong celebrity of Dr. Richard Dawkins at the helm, launched a campaign [Read More…]

Atheist Bus Poster Campaign Spreads to Spain and Italy

Your roving reporter, Richard Wade here. Several news services are reporting that the surprisingly successful bus advertisement campaign in the UK featuring banners saying “There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”  has been picked up in two other European countries. The British Humanist Association aimed to raise enough money to [Read More…]

Responding to the Ignorance

This absurd quotation’s bothering me, and since it is my duty to fix the Internets, I wanted to address it. Allahpundit of Hot Air says the following regarding the Atheist Bus Campaign: The good news: They exceeded their fundraising target by 2,700 percent. The bad news: They totally wussed out by tossing “probably” in the [Read More…]

Friendly Atheist Contest #38: In What Ways is Simon Cowell Better Than God?

Last time, I ran this contest: A recent poll asked 1,600 British children to “name the individual they considered the biggest celebrity.” In first place: Simon Cowell. In second place: God. I think that gives new meaning to the word “Idolatry“… But it raises another question: In what other ways is Simon Cowell better than [Read More…]

A Revised Christian Bus Ad

In response to the American Humanist Association’s Atheist Bus Campaign in Washington, D.C., a Christian woman is trying to raise money for a Christian response ad: PhillyChief offers a revised version of that ad on his site that I think is more honest and would probably get *much* more publicity if placed on a D.C. [Read More…]