Atheist Bus Campaign in… America!

The Atheist Bus campaign In the UK has raised over £118,718.06 (approximately $182,976.18). Now, the American Humanist Association is going for a bus campaign of their own with this ad: That ad will appear on the sides and insides of over 200 Washington D.C. Metro buses beginning next Tuesday. It was already appearing in yesterday’s [Read More…]

Atheists Love the Social Bookmarking Sites

Shocking news to all of us, I’m sure: Users of social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg are overwhelmingly non-religious. Well, that, or we all just enjoy looking at pictures/articles/websites that poke fun at religious people and their beliefs. A 2-year-old survey of Digg users showed a significant concentration of atheists and agnostics. Because Digg’s [Read More…]

I Am Probably the Way and the Truth…

Jesus and Mo take on the wording of the Atheist Bus Campaign: I like the word “probably” in the ad. It’s more honest. You rarely hear religious people saying they are anything less than 100%-certain in their faith. (Is that a contradiction?) [Read more…]

The Atheist Bus Campaign and Barack Obama

What do they have in common? Emily Bell of The Guardian writes: The answer is a lot of money from many people — a new model of fundraising, which the web is facilitating. Obama’s campaign attracted about 90% of its donations from people who gave less than $100. Similarly the atheist bus fund is principally [Read More…]

The Atheist Bus Campaign Update

In the first “official” day of the campaign to put a pro-atheist slogan on buses in the UK, the goal of £5,500 was reached at 10:06 a.m. this morning. That amount puts the slogan on “30 buses across the capital for four weeks.” As of this moment, they’ve raised nearly £50,000. And that’s not including [Read More…]