The Nebraska State Capitol is Host to a Nativity Scene… and Several Atheist Displays

If you’re in Lincoln, Nebraska, be sure to stop by the State Capitol, where atheists have once again put up displays to counter the Nativity scene that’s also there.


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I Had No Idea This Was the Group Behind All Those Atheist Billboards

I don’t typically read comment threads for letters to the editor, but this one, telling us who the real backers are for American Atheists’ recent “Skip Church” billboard campaign, caught my attention for obvious reasons:


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Radio Host: I’d Respect Atheists More If Their Billboards Focused on Islam (Spoiler: They Have)

In a bizarre criticism of American Atheists’ recent billboards urging people to “skip church” this Christmas, Colorado Springs radio host Richard Randall said that he’d respect atheists a lot more if they went after Muslims instead. He didn’t know that’s already happened.


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Atheist Group’s Ad in New York Times: “Don’t Let the Religious Right Trump the First Amendment”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is placing a full-page ad in tomorrow’s New York Times honoring Bill of Rights Day. And if we’ve ever needed to worry about those rights being violated, it’s with the incoming Donald Trump administration.


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“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Sign Goes Up Once Again in Warren, Michigan

If you’re visiting Warren, Michigan this week, be sure to check out this banner that says “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.”


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