Atheist Display in Boca Raton (FL) Restored Days After Being Vandalized

A few days ago, an atheist-themed banner (next to a giant Satanic pentagram) in Boca Raton, Florida was vandalized when someone spray-painted it…


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Fox News Aired a Delightful Chat Between Religious Rivals Over the “Skip Church” Billboards

American Atheists’ national program director Nick Fish was back on Fox News yesterday to defend his group’s “Skip Church” billboards again… but the conversation with a Christian guest turned out to be surprisingly delightful.


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Orange (TX) Officials Have Put Up a $20,000 “Inclusive” Holiday Display… That Shuts Out Atheists

The Orange County Atheists of Texas wanted to put this banner up outside their local city hall. Government officials decided they would rather spend $20,000 preventing that from happening.


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Catholic League Lashes Out Against Satanists’ Proposed “Snaketivity” Display Outside MI Capitol

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue can’t handle the fact that The Satanic Temple’s Detroit chapter wants to put up its own version of a Nativity scene outside the Michigan State Capitol building. So he’s attacking them by saying they hate Christianity.

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Once Again, “There Are No Gods” Sign Goes Up in Illinois Capitol Building

For the eighth straight year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up a sign in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda that says “There are no gods.”


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