Ad Vendors Refuse to Take Atheist Group’s Money for “Genocide and Incest Park” Billboard

A couple of months ago, the Tri-State Freethinkers responded to the soon-to-open Noah’s Ark theme park (Ark Encounter) by raising money for a billboard reminding everyone what that story also represents: genocide and incest.


Unfortunately, the media coverage of the campaign may have spooked the billboard company that was going to put it up.

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In Downtown Chicago, a Catholic Group’s Easter Display Has Some Godless Company Once Again

For the third straight year, downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza is home to a couple of 8-foot tall banners promoting separation of church and state:


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Before the Wisconsin Primaries, “I’m an Atheist and I Vote” Billboards Go Up Around Madison

When the Wisconsin primaries take place next Tuesday, April 5, candidates who visit Madison will see these billboards reminding them that atheists vote and shouldn’t be ignored:


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Atheist Group Wants to Put Up “Genocide and Incest Park” Billboard Outside Ark Encounter

The Tri-State Freethinkers are frustrated that there’s a museum perpetuating the Noah’s Ark story opening up in Kentucky this summer. So they’re responding in their own way by raising money for a billboard reminding everyone what the story also represents:


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A Florida Activist Wants to Erect a Giant Donald Trump Phallus Display Inside the State Capitol

After getting a Festivus Pole in the Florida State Capitol, and putting up displays of a butt-plugged Jesus on an upside-down cross, activist Chaz Stevens is going Shinto for his next stunt.

A request has been submitted with the Florida Department of Management Services to celebrate “The 2016 Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り) Festival of the Steel Phallus.” Which, I should note, is a real thing.

Which, I should also note, is just a fancy way of saying Stevens wants to erect a giant penis with Donald Trump‘s face inside the Florida Capitol:


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