Colorado Springs Advertising Company Will Ban “Jesus Is Lord” Ads for a Completely Absurd Reason

The “Jesus is Lord” advertisements that Pastor Lawson Perdue of Colorado Springs has been putting up for years may soon be banned by a local advertising agency. They told him that if they allow “Jesus” in ads, they would also have to accept hate speech.


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Censored Version of Atheist Group’s “Genocide and Incest Park” Billboard Also Rejected by Vendor

After a billboard poking fun at the Noah’s Ark theme park was rejected by Lamar Advertising, an atheist group’s second version of the sign, which included a “censored” sticker and a Bible verse was also deemed too provocative.

I guess the Bible is too offensive for a billboard.

TSF Billboard - Censored

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Atheist Billboard in South Dakota Appears To Have Been Vandalized

Last month, atheist Dale Hemming paid for a set of 20 billboards — mostly digital — to let atheists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota know they’re not alone.

One of those billboards was apparently vandalized and Hemming noted it on his website this way:


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“I’m An Atheist & I Vote” Signs Are Now on Buses and Bike Kiosks All Over Washington, D.C.

A new advertising campaign in Washington, D.C. by the Freedom From Religion Foundation features young people (some of whom work for FFRF) saying, “I’m an Atheist & I Vote.” Some of them also promote “atheist pride” clothing.

The ads will appear on buses, bus stops, and bike kiosks over the next two weeks, leading up to the Reason Rally.


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Sarcastic Billboard Asking Why Jesus Rules the Air Force Academy Rejected for Being “Not Factual”

The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs is practically the home base for evangelical Christians looking to proselytize in the military. It’s constantly in the news for leaders pushing their faith onto cadets.

President Obama is scheduled to deliver the final commencement address of his administration there on June 2, so the Military Religious Freedom Foundation figured it was as good a time as any to make a point about the importance of church/state separation at the institution. To that end, they designed this billboard to alert Obama to the situation in the hopes that he could do something about it:


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