Less Than a Day After Going Up In Boca Raton (FL), An Atheist’s Display Has Been Vandalized

Preston Smith, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, erected an atheist-themed banner and giant Satanic pentagram yesterday in Sanborn Square Park in Boca Raton, Florida as a way to counter a Nativity scene on the same property.

Less than a day later, that banner and the display have been vandalized.


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A Fox News Host Invited an Atheist to Church As He Promoted His Group’s Latest Billboards

Yesterday, American Atheists’ national program director Nick Fish appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the group’s latest billboards. The hosts wanted to know why Fish was so offended by Christmas and Christians — he wasn’t — even using the opportunity to invite him to church.


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Irony Alert: Atheist Billboard Urging People To Skip Church Features Two Devout Christians

American Atheists recently put up new billboards in several cities urging people to celebrate Christmas by skipping church. One of their ads, however, features two women who are Christians in real life. It’s an ironic twist, but it’s hardly the group’s fault.


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Atheist Group’s New Billboards Urge Doubters to “Make Christmas Great Again” By Skipping Church

American Atheists just revealed their 2016 holiday billboard campaign. Once again, they’re urging people who are on the fence about religion to skip church.


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Atheist Group Puts Up Scarlet A Display in Arlington Heights (IL) Park to Counter Nativity Scene

For the fifth straight year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago has put up an atheist display at North School Park in the city of Arlington Heights to counter a Nativity scene also on the property. This year, the atheists put up a five-foot-tall Scarlet A:


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