20 Pro-Science Billboards Went Up in Sioux Falls, SD, and the Designs Will Give You a Heart Attack

Dale Hemming, the man who put up 20 pro-atheism billboards in Sioux Falls, SD back in May, is back! He just rolled out a collection of billboards, both static and digital, to promote science — specifically evolution and climate change.


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Atheist Group Will Put Up Digital Billboard in Mississippi: “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation”

If you want to educate religious voters about the importance of church/state separation, heading to Mississippi is a good start. And that’s where the Freedom From Religion Foundation will put up this digital billboard over the month of July.


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Billboard Outside GOP Convention Will Quote Ronald Reagan Advocating for Church/State Separation

Given that the Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland, Ohio in a few weeks, it’s only fair that a group would put up a billboard in the area featuring Lord and Savior Ronald Reagan.

Oh, to see the looks on attendees’ faces when they actually read the sign…


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Colorado Springs Advertising Company Will Ban “Jesus Is Lord” Ads for a Completely Absurd Reason

The “Jesus is Lord” advertisements that Pastor Lawson Perdue of Colorado Springs has been putting up for years may soon be banned by a local advertising agency. They told him that if they allow “Jesus” in ads, they would also have to accept hate speech.


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Censored Version of Atheist Group’s “Genocide and Incest Park” Billboard Also Rejected by Vendor

After a billboard poking fun at the Noah’s Ark theme park was rejected by Lamar Advertising, an atheist group’s second version of the sign, which included a “censored” sticker and a Bible verse was also deemed too provocative.

I guess the Bible is too offensive for a billboard.

TSF Billboard - Censored

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