“Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Sign Goes Up in Warren, Michigan

If you’re visiting Warren, Michigan this week, be sure to check out this banner that reads “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.”

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Atheist Adopt-A-Highway Signs in Texas Riddled with Bullets

While we’re talking about the Orange County Atheists of Texas, you may recall that the group began taking part in the Adopt-a-Highway program back in October. But within two weeks of their official signs going up on the road, they were vandalized. Someone had painted “I <3 God" and "I <3 Christ" over them.

The signs were eventually replaced, but the issue was serious enough that the group actually raised money to purchase cameras to catch future acts of vandalism.

Over the weekend, as members went to go install those cameras, they noticed that their new signs had also been ruined. This time, there were bullet holes in them:

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Franklin Graham Trashes Atheist Billboard, Then Says Christianity Is “Not About Being Good”

Leave it to Christian scion Franklin Graham to explain the real reason American Atheists is telling people to “skip church” in the group’s new billboards:

The real answer, of course, is that there’s pressure to attend church this time of year. American Atheists wants you to know that you’re not alone if you don’t find that worthwhile. You don’t need to attend church to be a good person.

Graham’s explanation? The atheists are just afraid of the “power” of church:

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Christian Writer Decries “Intolerance” of Atheist Billboards Telling People To Skip Church

You may have heard about the new “Be good for goodness’ sake” atheist billboard that American Atheists has put up in Raleigh, North Carolina and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Well, so did Deborah Hamilton at Charisma News. And she wasn’t pleased. At all. This rather innocuous billboard, to Hamilton, is anything but innocuous:

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Christian Website Blurs Out “Just Be Good for Goodness’ Sake” in Atheist Billboard Image

I know there are Christians who read this site. So maybe one of you can tell me why ChurchLeaders.com decided to blur out part of American Atheists’ new billboard:

It’s not like they blurred out anything controversial…

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