Gallup Finds Huge Drop in People Who Belong to a Specific Christian Denomination

More Americans can do without that formal denominational structure — and many can do without a religious framework altogether.


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The Country’s Most “Post-Christian” Cities Are Also the Places You Want to Live

The Barna group, a Christian polling firm, has released its latest list of the most “post-Christian” cities in the country.

It’s meant to serve as a warning, but it nicely doubles as a map of places you wouldn’t mind moving to one day.


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Survey: Religion Impacts Whether You’ll Spend Alone Time With the Opposite Sex

Mike Pence isn’t the only person who avoids being alone with the opposite sex, even in a professional context.

Not surprisingly, religion plays a role in whether or not you find those meetings appropriate.


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A Record 58% of People in Scotland Have No Religious Affiliation

Power is shifting away from the Church, just as it should be.

What a lovely Scottish church... What a lovely, probably empty Scottish church.

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“No Religion” Is Now Officially Australia’s Top Religion

Australian citizens chose “no religion” more than any listed specific denomination on the nation’s 2016 Census, making this the first time the “Nones” have overtaken Catholics in the country.


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