Gallup Poll: 38% of Americans Are Creationists (Meanwhile, Only 19% Accept Reality)

The good news: Belief in Young Earth Creationism is at an all-time low!

The bad news: Belief in Young Earth Creationism is still twice as popular as acceptance of evolution by natural selection.


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Gallup: Fewer People Than Ever Before Think the Bible is Literally True

We have a long way to go, but the trends are in our favor.


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Pew Analysis: The More Formal Education You Have, the Less Religious You Are

Is there a connection between going to college and abandoning religion? A new analysis from the Pew Research Center says there is… but it comes with lots of caveats.


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Researchers Say a Quarter of Americans May Be Atheists, Higher Than Any Survey Has Ever Suggested

Researchers used an ingenious method to find people who might not otherwise admit they’re atheists. And their work suggests the real number of atheists in America is much, much higher than we ever suspected.


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23% of Self-Proclaimed Christians in Great Britain Don’t Believe Jesus Was Resurrected

A new survey commissioned by the BBC finds that nearly a quarter of Christians in the UK don’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Which makes you wonder why the hell they call themselves Christians…


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