New Survey Shows Prayer is Irrelevant for Nearly Half of All Canadians

The reports about a new survey from the Angus Reid Institute focus on how Canadians pray, though I find it much more interesting that 47% of them “hardly ever” or “never” make requests of their Supernatural Friend.


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Survey Says 13% of Atheists/Agnostics Have Asked God for Help in the Past Week. What the Hell?

A new Pew Forum survey on how religion plays a role in our everyday lives had one particular section that I’ve stared at for the longest time because I can’t make sense of it.


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Be Nice, Don’t Talk About Faith: a New Pew Poll Looks at the Absence of Religious Conversation

Talking about faith is largely off-limits in America, but the highly religious didn’t get the message. That’s one of the conclusions in the latest study by the Pew Research Center.


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Americans Have No Clue What Percent of Democrats Are Atheist or Agnostic

Given all the talk about religion and politics on this site, here’s a fair question: What percent of Republicans are evangelical Christians?

The correct answer is about 34.3%, but odds are you said something much higher.

According to a new study by Douglas J. Ahler (of UC Berkeley) and Gaurav Sood, pretty much everyone is wrong about everything when it comes to estimating how large certain demographics are within political parties.

And that includes when Republicans guess what percent of Democrats are atheist or Agnostic.


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New Survey Finds Majority of People in Scotland Have No Religious Affiliation

Congratulation, Scotland! You’re the latest country in which the majority of people have no religious faith! Furthermore, two thirds of the people who were raised with religion no longer attend religious services.

What a lovely Scottish church... What a lovely, probably empty Scottish church.

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