New Survey Says Only Half of Millennials Look to Religion for Guidance While More Than a Third Don’t Talk to God

According to a new survey from the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, nearly half of Millennials say they don’t look to religion for guidance and more than a third say that they don’t talk to God:

Unbelievably numbers — and more evidence that younger people are losing their faith:

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Bible Society Relabels ‘Antagonists’ As ‘Skeptics’; Hardcore Doubters Are Now As Numerous As True Bible Lovers

People who dismiss the Bible as just a bunch of man-made stories are now as numerous as those who are so enamored of the Good Book that they read it at least four times a week:

The number of Americans who read Scripture at least four times a week and believe that it is the inspired word of God has fallen to just under 1 in 5, according to new research from the American Bible Society (ABS).

The same percentage of Americans (19 percent) are now “antagonistic” toward the Bible, reading it less than once per month and believing it is a book of teachings written by men that contain stories and advice.

“Antagonistic” is a loaded descriptor, something the ABS belatedly realized. So after their initial release, earlier this week, the survey results were recast as follows, according to Christianity Today:

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New Report Shows That Only 36% of Millennials Say ‘Religious Person’ Describes Them Well

According to a recently-released report from the Pew Research Center, only 36% of Millennials (ages 18-33) feel like the description “religious person” describes them well:

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New Research Suggests That Atheism is Positively Linked to Entrepreneurial Activity

According to research just published in the Journal of Institutional Economics, there may be a correlation between the percentage of atheists and agnostics in a state and that state’s level of entrepreneurial activity.

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New Report Shows the Shifting Attitudes Religious Groups Have Towards Same-Sex Marriage

A new report just released by the Public Religion Research Institute takes a look at the “shifting landscape” regarding attitudes toward same-sex marriage and LGBT issues in general.

As you might expect, there’s a lot of good news here. 53% of Americans now support same-sex marriage while only 41% oppose it. (Even in the South, the numbers are dead even at 48% on each side.) Furthermore, an astounding 69% of people ages 18-33 support it. Even among evangelical Christians, 43% of Millennials have no problem with gay marriage compared to only 19% of the “Silent Generation.”

We’ve known this for some time now, but when it comes to gay marriage, the question is not “If” but “When.”

So let’s get to the heart of what the report says about religious attitudes toward LGBT issues.

In general, people of all religious stripes are less likely to say gay marriage goes against their beliefs than they were a decade ago. Hallelujah!

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