We’re Number One!

According to a new Pew survey of Evangelical Christian leaders, the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is… us! Should I break out the party hats? Funny, though. I would’ve said the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is their stubbornness when it comes to issues of homosexuality, women’s rights, and science education. While the rest of [Read More...]

16% of White Evangelical Christians Oppose Interracial Marriage

44 years after Loving v. Virginia ended interracial marriages bans across the country, there are still people who think marrying someone of a different race is a bad idea. And you’ll *never* guess which group is most against it: Christianity Today remarks on a Pew poll from February that shows White Evangelical Christians are the [Read More...]

Forget the Mormons…

For all the talk about how people might not vote for a Mormon, let’s not forget that atheists consistently rank at the bottom of all those “who would you not vote for?” lists. According to Gallup, 22% of Americans say they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon (even from their own party). But 49% wouldn’t vote [Read More...]

Millennial Generation is More Supportive of Gay Marriage and Abortion

The Public Religion Research Institute just released a survey (PDF) that asked people about their views on abortion and same-sex marriage (among other things). The results indicate some good news! When it comes to same-sex marriage, more than half of all people (57%) ages 18-29 support it. The numbers go down as the demographics get [Read More...]

We’re Still Unelectable…

A new survey conducted by Pew Research for the People & the Press indicates that 61% of Americans would be less likely to vote for a candidate if that person didn’t believe in a god. Goddammit… Among these options, anyway, that makes us the least electable group of people. Americans are more likely to vote [Read More...]