British Teens Trending Away from Religion

I was impressed a couple years ago when I heard that 20% of Americans aged 18-25 had no religious affiliation or were atheist/agnostic. Apparently, I should have been looking to Britain. It turns out if you survey British children aged 13-18, the stats are even more favorable for non-theists. According to a new study of [Read More...]

Do Religious People Make Better Citizens?

Harvard University professor Robert Putnam has a new book coming out next year: “American Grace: How Religion is Reshaping our Civic and Political Lives.” Bits and pieces of the book’s revelations have been coming out — most notably at a recent conference hosted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Last week, we [Read More...]

1 in 20 Atheists Prays Daily

I know we like messing with Internet polls… but real ones, too? Or is there an explanation for this? The Pew Research Center reports on what percentage of adherents to various religious faiths pray daily: Unaffiliated is at 22%. Specifically, among atheists, 5% of us pray daily. Stuart Bechman, president of Atheist Alliance International, gave [Read More...]

How Many Young Americans Have No Religious Affiliation?

How many young Americans are not religious? According to Harvard University professor Robert Putnam — and I paraphrase here — a whole $%&#load. Putnam says the percentage of “nones” has now skyrocketed to between 30 percent and 40 percent among younger Americans… 30-40%? Incredible. The last time I heard a number for young “nones” was [Read More...]

Why Are the Unaffiliated Becoming Religious Later in Life?

Earlier this week, the Pew Forum released a survey on religious affiliation and found that a number of people raised without religion became religious later in life — in higher percentages than Protestants/Catholics who later became unaffiliated. The main reason the non-religious said they later became religious was that “spiritual needs were not being met.” [Read More...]